Some Economical Modifications to Enhance the Performance of Range Rover

Although driving the luxurious SUV like Range Rover is the dream of almost every car enthusiast, but not every one of them is fortunate to enjoy the drive of this SUV, which is a synonym of power, performance and comfort offered in one unit. Interestingly, going through the concern of such car lover, the service of range rover tuning is offered by some renowned car technicians across the world.

Range Rover svr tuning.jpg

The worth mentioning feature of the tuning service offered by these technicians is that apart from remapping the engine control unit for extending and enhancing the life and performance of the used to Range Rover SUV’s, they also offer wide range of Range Rover Performance parts that are helpful in boosting the performance of these vehicles at cost effective charges. It would not be wrong to say that installing these high performance upgrading parts are helpful to boost the performance of the existing engine control unit to a such extent, that it is enough for the normal driver to enjoy the pleasure of a giant SUV within his budget.

Some of the high performing parts and the benefits enjoyed by installing them  are referred below:

Carbon Fibre Wheels and Carbon Fibre Wing Mirrors: Installing the carbon fibre wheels, helps in minimizing the net weight of the vehicle, thus, putting the less pressure on vehicle, while driving it at the high speed. Similarly, installing the carbon fibre wing mirrors are helpful in enhancing the aesthetics of side profile and also reducing the weight of the vehicle to a certain extent. It can be said that installing both these parts are helpful in reducing not only the weight of the vehicle, but at the same time also help in exploring their looks.

Exhaust system: Installing the aftermarket exhaust system helps in exhaling the hazardous gases in a more instant way, than the existing system. This is mainly because of the high quality material used for developing them. The smooth exhaling of gases indirectly helps in boosting the life of the engine, thus offering improved performance both in the terms of power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency.

Supercharger pulley: The role of supercharger pulley is to rotate the supercharger, thus compressing the air in combustion chambers in the cylinder. Thus, replacing the existing pulley with the new one is helpful in instant compression of air to the cylinders, resulting in the improved performance of an engine.

Besides, the above mentioned components upgrading the existing suspension system, ignition system, air intake system, braking system, etc, are helpful in improving the performance of the Range Rover vehicles in cost effective ways.

Land Rover defender restoration: Revamping the time

Land Rover Defender, an off-road giant by the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover is recognized not only for its muscular body, but also for its mind blowing performance, that made the car enthusiasts across the world for almost 68 years from 1948 – 2016. The phase out of giant SUV was not less than a shock for its lovers, but as there is time for everyone to retire, Defender was not an exception to this. However, after two years in 2018, its Special Edition christened as Defender Works V8 was launched by the company.

Land rover defender VIP restoration chassis repair and custom fabrication-1

Nevertheless, the SUV did not lose its craze among the car enthusiasts throughout the globe, although, there were lots of people who said that the Land Rover Defender is now dead. Anyhow, the carmaker is reported to develop the new Defender embellished with new features and powertrains, still, the car lovers are willing to buy any of the used version of this off-road ruler without any hesitation. Interestingly, going through their craze, some expert technicians like Viezu are offering the facility of Land Rover Defender Restoration to rejuvenate the ruler of the road with cosmetic updates on both the exterior and interior front. The worth mentioning feature of this restoration project is that it changes the used or its predecessor Defender not less than its last version that was launched back in 2016.

Before After

The restoration not only consists of installing the damaged accessories like front and rear lights, bumpers, wheel covers, wipers, and other on the exterior front, but, also includes upgrading the paint with new color combinations. On the interior front also it undergoes vast changes including the upholstery, sitting pattern, installing new buttons for various accessories, like air conditioner, infotainment system, lighting, etc.

Along with these changes the major change that enhances the overall pleasure of driving this powerful SUV is remapping its engine control unit with a new program, so that the vehicle is able to generate its hidden power potentials accordingly. In short, it can be said that restoration is like upgrading the vehicle by replacing the damaged components whether they are mechanical or cosmetic. While discussing the mechanical updates, it would be interesting to know that these updates are not stagnated only to engine, but, also includes other upgrades like upgrading the brakes, suspension system, ignition system, exhaust, even, the nut bolts that are used for fixing different components.

In short, it can be said, that restoration of the Land Rover Defender facilitates you to not only enjoy its flawless drive but also to enjoy the feeling of driving its brand new version without any used component.

Upgrading and modification options available for Jaguar F Type and Land Rover Defender

Despite of the fact that Jaguar F Type sports car and SUV Land Rover Defender from the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover are the best illustratious vehicles of their segment, still there are lots of their owners who are not satisfied with their appearance and performance. In other words, it can be said, they are always in search of such options which are helpful in enhancing both these aspects of these vehicles. If you also own any of these vehicles and willing modify them according to your desire, then there are lots of technicians and experts like Paramount Performance who could assist you in enhancing their aesthetics and performance , keeping your preference in concern.


Some of the common modifications associated with these vehicles are referred below:

Ceramic coating: You will agree that most fascinating feature of a sports car or a SUV is their exterior color which grabs the attention of the commuters at the first instance. Although, keeping this fact in concern, the automakers launch such vehicles with eye catching color paint, but, as the time passes, there is a decline in its shine. Going through this problem of the owners the expert technicians offer the service of Ceramic coating that is helpful in retaining its actual color for the long time. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say, that if you are willing to buy any of the used trim of these vehicles, then, applying the ceramic coating will be the first step of your Land Rover Defender Restoration project, that would be applied by your technician.

Exhaust system: An interesting feature of the sports car, apart from its looks and design, its roaring sound, that it generates while flying on the road. And, therefore, if you own a luxurious sports car Jaguar F Type, and willing to make it sound like a fighter than replacing its existing exhaust system with an aftermarket system is the best option to satisfy your demand. It would not be wrong to say that upgrading the F Type Exhaust is the simplest modification that along with enhancing the sound and appearance of your sports car will also help in enhancing its performance to a huge extent.


Interior: The restoration program for Land Rover Defender will comprise of upgrading the interior with new upholstery, door cards, carpet, dashboard, sunroof, sound proofing, seats, roof lining and many more.

Apart from these above mentioned options, there is a plethora of upgrading modifications both mechanical and aesthetical that are helpful in enhancing the driving experience of these vehicles at an affordable investment.

Vehicle Restoration: How effective it is?

The increasing practice of buying a used car in recent years has facilitated the people across the world to buy the car which they had always dreamed, but, could not buy the same due to its high cost. This has resulted in the huge demand for the cars which till few years dominated the international roads or which at the time of their launch were used by the specific segment of the car lovers, who could properly maintain them. But, now the question arises that, the cars which have been already phased out by the original manufacturers or that have been sold out in the market by their original owners, will they be able to satisfy the driving expectations of their new buyers?

Because, these cars are able to satisfy the varied needs of the buyers both in the terms of power generation and fuel efficiency, but, also, as the original user had driven them according to his driving skills, they are physically also not suitable for driving. Or in other words, parking, such cars, adversely impacts the reputation of the buyers. Interestingly, an answer to this question, at first instance can be, by remapping the engine control unit of the car. You will agree, that the engine control unit is the heart of every car, that controls the functionality of different components installed in the car through sensors. Remapping the engine is helpful in extracting the power generation and fuel efficiency of a vehicle, which has declined due to its regular wear and tear, during the course of years.

But, still, the problem related to its aesthetics still remains unsolved. Interestingly, the expert technicians have started offering the service of restoration, that facilitates the buyers, to get the exterior and interior segments of a vehicle updated accordingly.  Let us for instance talk about the Land Rover Defender SUV, developed by the British car maker Land Rover, and that ruled the hearts of SUV enthusiasts for almost thirty three years (1983-2016), but, still has the huge segment of lovers willing to buy any of its used versions, due to its remarkable performance and craze of the people.

Taking the advantage of this, there are lots of car technicians that are offering the service Land Rover Defender restoration, to the second time buyer of this giant SUV. An interesting feature of the restoration service offered by these technicians is that apart from working on enhancing its engine performance, they, pay equal attention for enhancing its aesthetic appearance. The worth mentioning benefit of restoration is that it facilitates the buyers to modify the exterior of their beloved vehicle according to their desires. This includes, repainting the whole vehicle, installing the new bumpers, lights, wheels, etc on the exterior front.

The changes inside the cabin comprises of new upholstery, new seats, installing new accessories, like air conditioner, audio system, parking sensors, integrating new safety features and many more. In short, it can be said that restoration let the new buyers upgrade the used vehicle, equipped with the contemporary features, that are offered in the latest version. An interesting feature of integrating the new cosmetic features is that they are not only helpful in enhancing the appearance of the vehicle, but, at the same time, also helps in minimizing the weight of the vehicle, which is helpful in enhancing the performance of the vehicle to a certain extent.

Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here more importantly, is that, there are lots of people who think, restoration of a vehicle is expensive, as integration of new accessories increases the overall value of the vehicle. This, interestingly, is a myth, because, today the car market is flooded with a plethora of affordable accessories which can be installed on the vehicles according to the feasibility of the buyer.

Thus, in short, it can  be said, with help of restoration, the car owners willing to driving a super car can make their dream come true, by buying any of its used unit.

The increasing practice of buying a used car in recent years has facilitated the people across the world to buy the car which they had always dreamed, but, could not buy the same due to its high cost.

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ECU Remap Training: Why it is mandatory for both existing and prospective car technicians?

In recent times the practice of engine control unit remapping or ECU remapping has gained huge popularity among the motorists across the world, due to a plethora of benefits offered by it. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that the concept has proved to be a fruitful deal for both the car owners and car technicians. Where the car owners enjoy substantial improvement in the declining performance of their vehicle, on the other side, technicians offering this service also enjoy substantial growth in their income. Because, remapping the engine control unit, makes them efficient for providing a robust solution to the problems of their clients.

Moving ahead, it also helps the technicians in establishing their identity as an expert technician offering the service of ECU remapping. Going through these benefits, the existing and the prospective technicians are keen to undergo the ECU Remap Training, which is helpful in enhancing their knowledge. Well, now the questions which arises is that why there is a need of undergoing the training of ecu remapping for the technicians, before stepping in this profession.

viezu-academy_laptop (1)Interestingly, an answer to this question in simple question is to get familiar with the car mechanism installed in the cars of today’s era. The cars manufactured in current scenario are controlled through the engine control unit, which has a software program installed in it, to control the functionality of components like engine, exhaust system, air-intake system, braking system, etc. In other words, it can be also said, that the integration of the engine control unit has minimized the necessity of determining the settings of the engine for improving the performance of the car.

The engine control unit has an inbuilt software that controls the functionality of the different components as referred above. As the whole is computerized there is a necessity of the technician who is capable of using the appropriate software determined for the remapping. This has resulted in the need of a computer savvy technician, going through this requirement, the technicians are undergoing this training before stepping in this profession.

An interesting factor which needs to be mentioned here more importantly is that, today there are lots of renowned technical institutes like Viezu Technical Academy, that are organizing different training programs varying from three day to five day training program for the students willing to explore their knowledge of engine control unit remapping.

Alientech Training

In simple words it can be said, that like other professional trainings, ECU remapping training is an essential training for the car technicians, that gets them acquainted with the knowledge of engine control unit and remapping it.

Blue Optimize: Redefining the vehicle remapping

Today, there would be hardly any motorists who must not be struggling with the problem of increasing fuel consumption by his vehicle. Going through this requirement nowadays the car technicians are also trying to expand their services and enhance their expertise in learning and finding the methods that are helpful in offering substantial expenses on the fuel saving to the motorists finding the methods to cope with the problem of declining fuel efficiency of their vehicle.


Interestingly, going through the concern of car technicians different types of software are being introduced by the technical institutes that are user friendly and endorsed to offer appropriate saving on the fuel expenses. The recent initiative in this niche is “Blue Optimize”  software that has been honored with various awards like Innovation in Technology award from UK chamber of Commerce in 2011, Cost Saving Initiative of the Year 2013 from Fleet News, and a few more. Developed by the expert technicians of Viezu, remapping the engine by making use of this software is not only helpful in offering competitive fuel efficiency but also minimizing the level of emission developed by your vehicle. Remapping the vehicle with help of Blue Optimize software results in:

  1. Minimizing the expenses on fuel up to 20%
  2. Up to 20% of decline in the level of emissions
  3. No impact on the warranty or the residual value of the vehicle
  4. No mechanical change in the vehicle
  5. Capable of remapping the vehicle in the span of an hour
  6. Offers return on the investment made by the car technicians within the period of six months or even less than this period
  7. The vehicle can be reset to its original settings any time without any complexity.

Well, now the question arises that why do the technicians need to make use of such software for remapping or tuning the vehicle, instead of doing the same exercise manually. In this regard it would be interested to know that in current scenario the functionality of various components installed under the bonnet are controlled with the help of an engine control unit or ECU. An ECU is a device embellished with the software program determining the working efficiency of engine and other parts linked with the engine, thus controlling the power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency of the vehicle.

Now as the whole process is computerized it requires the use of a software that is used by the tuner for remapping or re-writing the program with new settings, so that the vehicle is able to deliver enhanced performance with simple modifications. Going through this necessity, today, there are different types of software available in the market that are used by the tuners for tuning the engine control unit of the vehicle.

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Is it possible to Tune every car?

Despite of the fact that the practice of chip tuning has gained huge popularity among the car enthusiasts struggling with the performance of their car throughout the world, there are lots of motorists who are not aware about this concept and the benefits delivered by it. Therefore, before, understanding the benefits of offered by tuning the chip, it would be better to understand its actual concept.

Well, in simple terms it may be defined as the process of editing, modifying or deleting the program configured in the memory chip of the engine control unit to re-write the new program for enhancing the performance of particular vehicle in terms of emission levels, power generation efficiency, or fuel efficiency etc. This might surprise you, but despite of driving the car for many years, still there is substantial power left in its engine that determines its overall performance. By rewriting, the program that power is extracted by the technician, thus helping the car owners the privilege of enjoying improved performance from their vehicle.


However, today with changing time the process of chip tuning is being used as remapping the engine control unit, which is mainly because of non-existence of EPROM chips in engine control unit. Instead of that maps are drawn for determining the performance of different components associated with the engine. But, now the question might arise in your mind, that why should I tune the chip of my car? Or you might be concerned that will it be effective for my car, or you might even be concerned about the machinery of your car.

Interestingly, an answer to this question will definitely surprise you, because the performance that your car had been delivering at the time you purchased was not its actual performance, and therefore, as the time passed, there was a decline in its performance, which although is a natural process, due to regular wear and tear of the machine. The performance that it was delivering was determined by the original manufacturer of the car keeping in concern the standard driving conditions prevailing in the different countries of the world.

During, the process of chip tuning, re-writing the program results in bringing out that hidden performance, the motorists witness an improvement in its performance. The worth mentioning feature of tuning the chip or remapping the engine control unit of the car is that it do not impacts the warranty of the car and comply strictly with the driving standards existing in different countries across the world. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned about the improved performance of the vehicle is that it mainly depends upon the existing condition of your car’s engine. But, still one thing which could be said strongly is that despite of poor engine condition you will notice satisfactory improvement in the performance of your car.


The regular hike in the fuel prices is creating the lines of tension on the forehead of the car owners in the current scenario, that they are finding the options like car pooling, no vehicle day, etc to combat with the problem, across the world. Well, all these problems are undoubtedly helpful in catering the problem to some extent, but still cannot emerge as an appropriate solution to the issue. Because, there are times when it becomes imperative for a person to drive his personal vehicle, moreover, you will also agree that driving a personal vehicle has its own privileges, especially leaving a mind-blowing impression on others if a person owns some luxurious car.

So, now the question arises, that is it possible to get rid of this problem at an affordable price and can a person drive his personal car without any concern of hike in the fuel prices. Interestingly, an answer to this question in simple words is “Yes”. By remapping the engine control unit or ECU of your car a person can not only enjoy the privilege of an improved fuel economy but also an enhancement in its performance in terms of power generation efficiency. It would be interesting to know that nowadays there are lots of car enthusiasts who are enjoying the benefits of this method.

The process simple starts with remapping or rewriting the program installed in the engine control unit of the car. The ECU can be considered as the heart of your car that controls the working all the components including the engine and parts associated with it through sensors. These components include air intake system, exhaust system, settings of ignition, braking, and clutch system and other components. The computer program determines the performance of all these components with the help of computer-controlled software. There are lots of remapping centres like Viezu that offer the service of remapping the ECU depending upon the expectations of the car owner.

Now, the question arise in your mind that how much improvement can I expect by adopting this process? An answer to this question is that this mainly depends upon the existing condition of the engine installed in your car, if the engine of your car has been smashed in an accident or you had been driving your car by putting an extra pressure on its engine, then undoubtedly the improvement will be less, but in case if the condition of the engine is quite good, then without any second thoughts the result will be encouraging.

But, still, one thing which could be promisingly said about engine remapping is that it will definitely let you enjoy the privilege of driving your personal car without any concern of hike in fuel prices.

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Undergo the Training of WinOLS Software to Become an Expert Car Tuner

Today, computer has become an integral part of our day to day activities that we can not imagine how our life had been without it. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that there is hardly any task where the need of a computer savvy person is not required. But, have you ever thought the computers may be used for controlling the performance of your car or in other words, have you ever imagined the car technicians making of software for determining the mechanism of your car.

EVC WinOLS Training

Interestingly, your reply will be definitely “No”. Because since our childhood we had seen car technicians making use of screwdrivers, drilling machines and different tools for repairing, replacing and other tasks. Well, this method was mainly conducted on cars that were manufactured before the year 2000 and even today the same process is applied on such cars. But, then came a dynamic change in the manufacturing techniques of car and use of device enriched with software made its entrance in the world of car mechanism, thus, making entrance of computer literate technicians for controlling the functionality of various components installed under the bonnet.

Going through this requirement, different types of software have been now-a-days developed by the technical institutes that are helpful in carrying the different types of mechanical tasks easily and within the short span of time. The worth mentioning feature of different software used for this purpose is that all of them are user friendly, and some of them are even suitable for the technicians who are novice and willing to explore their career in the field of car mechanism.

WinOLS software is one such software that is helpful in tuning engine control unit installed in car, closed to on-board diagnostic port. By making use of the software the technicians are able to search and find the maps installed in software configured in the ECU. The maps can be edited, formatted and renamed with new identity in the format that is helpful in enhancing the performance of a vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency and power generation. There are different methods by which each file can be modified and saved. Every file that is installed in existing software is known as project and the changes done to that project are known as version.

There are different types of courses initiated by the institutes for the students willing to work as car technician. The major courses offered to learn the use of WinOLS software are:

  1. 3 day course of gasoline engine
  2. 3 day course for diesel engine and
  3. 5 day combined course for diesel and gasoline engine.

Depending upon their interest, the students can enroll in these courses and learn the process of car tuning.

Enhance the power of your Audi by simply tuning it

Audi is already recognized for manufacturing power packed and performance delivering cars. But, still, there are lots of Audi owners who are not satisfied from its existing performance and still search for the options that are helpful in making their beloved car the best illustration of power and performance merged in one unit. Going through the concern of such enthusiasts there are some modifications that are helpful in satisfying their expectations.

Tuning the software installed in the engine control unit of the car in recent years has come out as the simplest methods for improving the performance of any vehicle and interestingly Audi tuning is not an exception to it. There are various renowned technicians like Viezu, that offer the facility of tuning the entire of Audi cars including A4, S3, A5, TT, RS6, R8, Q7 and A3 according to their expectations. Let us now focus on these options.


Increasing the power of an engine: The most important aspect for improving the performance of any vehicle is modifying its engine and from that point of view it would be first better to modify the engine configuration of your Audi car. This is done by simply remapping the software installed in the engine control unit of your car. An expert technician will simply install a new software by re-writing its parameters that are helpful in enhancing its power and fuel efficiency figures. Remapping the engine results in the smooth flow of air and fuel according to new parameters resulting in improved performance.

Upgrading the air intake system and exhaust system: Upgrading the air intake system is also a great idea to not only improve the performance of your car but also enhancing the life of the engine. The air intake system inhales the pure air and forwards it smoothly to the engine, thus enhancing its life. Along with this upgrading, the existing exhaust system with the new one is again helpful in increasing the performance of an engine by throwing hazardous gases instantly without any interruption.

Working on Suspension System: The most common problem from which most of the Audi owners suffer is the integration of soft suspension system that is not according to the mechanism of such powerful cars, due to which it is sometimes it is difficult to handle these cars smoothly. Interestingly, installing the improved suspension system will help in improving the performance of the car to the huge extent.

Apart from above-mentioned suggestions, there are various other factors like upgrading the braking system, wheels, ignition system etc are few more aspects which could help in enhancing the performance of your Audi according to your expectations.