All You Need To Know About Chip And Performance Tuning

Being a novice, you might not be aware of the maintenance tips for your vehicle. Performance upgrades, maintenance and proper tuning of a supercar will ensure that your vehicle operates at peak capacity for many years to come. The performance of your vehicle matters especially when it comes to fuel efficiency, handling and safety, in addition to keeping you safe along with the other drivers and pedestrians safe.

Range rover tuning system

If you want to maintain your car performance at its peak, it is your responsibility to make sure it gets the proper tuning as and when needed. When it comes to getting more out of your engine, choose out of these two options i.e. chip tuning and performance tuning because each of them owns their benefits and costs.

But before you head towards a garage to get your Range Rover’s performance tuning, let us know about the key difference between performance and chip tuning.

What is performance tuning?

Performance tuning mostly concentrates on the physical parts of the engine. The majority of these hardware modifications and improvements concentrate on the powertrain like cylinders, exhaust, transmission or more. This type of tuning always focuses on getting more power out of the engine. The performance tuning could be carried out in the garages, but make sure you know very well what the workmen are actually doing. The actions like boring out the pistons, installing a custom exhaust system etc. are very complicated procedures and are to be done to very narrow margins. Being an owner of a classy supercar you should focus on getting the performance tuning by a professional expert.

Jaguar speed limiter removal

What is chip tuning?

Chip tuning was originally meant for the chips in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that were removed and replaced with the chips that had different software. The introduction of the diagnostic ports to car computer systems opened the door for engine remapping or rewriting the software without even replacing the chip. When a lot of people refer to chip tuning today, they actually mean remapping. Thus, to get the best possible results, get your range rover chip tuning done by a professional. After installing a high-quality chip, the professionals will put your car on the rolling road to check if the software is working accordingly.

Range Rover TDV8 Tuning and ecu remapping

Combination of the tunings

To get the most performance possible out of your car’s engine, you probably have to combine both performance tuning and chip tuning. Out of which performance tuning will allow you to switch out parts and tweak engine’s parameters. Once you got all the physical parts fine-tuned, chip-tuning will then allow you to make sure that the software is lined up to get the best possible response out of your upgraded engine.


Some Simple Methods to Boost the Fuel Economy of a Diesel Vehicle

Despite of the fact that diesel cars offer better fuel economy than compared to petrol cars these cars criticized by most of the car owners for their cracking noise due to which they were considered as uncivilized cars, by most of the car enthusiasts. Well, this was the tale of yester years, in today’s scenario going through the vast technical developments in the techniques of car manufacturing these cars have succeeded in removing the allegation of being uncivilized car due to unbearable sound developed by them. As an impact of this today lots of car enthusiasts now prefer to buy diesel car manufactured by luxurious car owners BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi etc.

Diesel Car Tuning

But, one thing about which all these car owners are concerned is fuel economy of diesel cars, because as the time passes there is significant decline in their fuel efficiency, which is adversely affecting their wallet. However it doesn’t mean that there is some fault in their manufacturing, depreciation in the fuel efficiency is a natural process, the reason of their concern is hike in the fuel prices across the world as an impact of which they are keen to find the solution which could help them in enhancing the fuel economy of their diesel car.

Below are some interesting tips which could be quite beneficial to the diesel car owners for improving the fuel performance of their car.

  1. Installing power chips and power boxes: Installing power chips does not require any expertise or long time to install them in your car. The diesel engines of today’s cars are controlled electronically with the help of computer settings installing the power chips will help in minimizing the time required from touching the mark from standstill to 100 kmph up-to three seconds. Similarly the power boxes will help in determining the new parameters of engine, thus improving its performance. Along with these upgrade installing upgraded air intake filter and exhaust system will also help in enhancing the fuel efficiency of your diesel engine.

    Viezu V-Box for Economy Tuning

  2. Checking the levels of emissions at regular intervals: In recent years going through the increasing concern towards pollution free cars, governments of all countries have made it necessary for car owners to get the emission levels of their vehicle checked at regular intervals. Because exhaust of harmful gases not only pollute the atmosphere but also minimizes the fuel efficiency. If emission levels of your car higher than the standard levels it would be better to get it rectified from an expert mechanic who will detect the issue and upgrade with new exhaust components that will control in polluting the atmosphere and also help in improving the fuel efficiency of the car.
  3. Turbo-charging: Due to high compression ratio diesel engines are developed by making the use of strong materials. This is helpful in installing and upgrading turbo engines in diesel cars more easily. Here one thing which needs to be kept in concern is that while upgrading the turbo engine also do not forget to upgrade the fuel pump, because turbo engines require increased fuel pressure and absence of strong fuel pump might damage its performance.
  4. Regular servicing: Finally the last but not the least getting the car serviced at regular intervals is the best strategy to not only enjoy improved performance but also the fuel efficiency. Because due to regular wear and tear the components of car starts losing their position, regular checking of all these components is helpful in determining their performance and taking decision of either repairing or replacing them according to their condition.

Keeping these factors will help you in improvising the performance of your diesel car to huge extent.

How An Exhaust System Affects The Car Performance?

The exhaust system of a vehicle is far more than just a metal pipe and it is one of the major factors in your vehicle’s performance. Therefore it is necessary to keep it in proper working order as it can do a lot for your vehicle and for the environment as well.

What does an exhaust system do?

When your vehicle’s fuel and air burn inside the combustion chamber the harmful fumes are emitted as the part of its normal operation. And to keep it safe the stainless steel performance exhaust carries those fumes away from the vehicle. There is a lot more in an exhaust other than the tailpipe that is visible from outside. Any failures in maintaining this vital component of your car can negatively impact the performance of your car. A performance exhaust system of a vehicle comprises of the following things:

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraLP-550-560-570 exhaust systems and tuning from paramount

  • Exhaust manifold- This is attached to the cylinder head taking each cylinder’s exhaust and combines into a single pipe.
  • Oxygen sensor- A modern vehicle will have an oxygen sensor to measure the amount of oxygen that is inside the exhaust allowing the vehicle’s computer to add or subtract fuel to identify the correct mixture for maximum gas mileage.
  • Catalytic converter- It converts the harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapours and carbon dioxide. It reduces the harmful nitrogen oxides and is mounted between your muffler and the exhaust manifold.
  • Muffler- It quiets the exhaust to acceptable noise levels and absorbs sound energy.
  • Exhaust pipe- This carries the gas out of through the tailpipe and is typically made of stainless steel. The newer models on the other hand, have aluminized steel for corrosion resistance.

All these parts of a stainless steel performance exhaust play a critical role inside your vehicle, ensuring its safe and reliable performance. Constantly get your exhaust system checked by the reliable garages so as to reduce the noise and your car’s dangerous emissions.

What Should You Know About Lamborghini Exhaust Systems?

Even today, Lamborghini tops the list of the luxurious cars and it has always been among the top-rated cars and moreover, it is still a dream car for a large number of people. This luxurious car model Gallardo is defined by its use of classic sports car technology- an exceptionally powerful engine combined with rare-wheel drive adopting a specifically developed ESP system.

Mclaren Mercedes SLR

Most of the exotic supercars sound nice but Lamborghini Gallardo is simply awesome. If you own this car, it is necessary for you to maintain its exhaust system in a top condition. The different models of this car have different technical specifications and performance needs. The exhaust system is designed as per the specific model and, therefore, Lamborghini Gallardo’s Performance exhaust system is designed specifically to enhance the speed and performance level.

What are the parts of an exhaust?

Exhaust manifold/ header: This is the first point of contact for the exhaust gases after they exit the cylinder head. The idea of upgrading to an exhaust header comes down to increasing the exhaust piping diameter and scavenging by aligning the exhaust pulses in a favourable fashion.

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraLP-550-560-570 exhaust systems and tuning from paramount

Catalytic converter: This device allows you to still breathe the air while you’re driving in extremely adverse conditions. It intakes incoming NOx, CO and unburnt hydrocarbons from the exhaust and converts it into much less harmful N2, O2, CO2 and H2O.

Piping: It is not an ideal tactic to have exhaust gas pump directly beneath your car, filling your cabins with fumes. You’ll need some pipes to route the air elsewhere.

Resonator: This is not a necessary part of an exhaust but it is many times included as it helps to eliminate noise. Resonators are typically tuned to a specific frequency in which the engine noise is loud or undesirable.

Muffler: The main aim of Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust muffler is to eliminate the noise. The most common ways they work is by redirecting the airflow. Along the way, the exhaust passes through porous pipes which allow the exhaust gases to expand into the sound deadening material, minimizing the noise that finally exits the tailpipe.

Tune the Engine of Your Car to Improve Fuel Efficiency Figures

Chip TuningThe problem of fuel efficiency has troubled all the car owners across the world and increasing price of fuel has further acted like putting the drop of petrol in the fire. Going through this problem car enthusiasts are adopting different methods like minimizing the weekend trips, adopting the policy of no vehicle day, car pooling etc to minimize their fuel expenditure. On the contrary getting the engine of car tuned can offer them fruitful results.

This might surprise to most of car enthusiasts but there is lots of potential hidden inside your car which can be helpful in enhancing its power and performance by tuning the engine of your car. Now the question arises that what are the methods which could help in enhancing the fuel efficiency of the car with tuning. Well before discussing those methods let us point out an important which plays an important in affecting the fuel efficiency of your car. To track that factor you should make sure that your car is running according to determined parameters or not.

For that it would be better to get the mechanism of your checked by an expert mechanic to check whether there is smooth flow of fuel towards engine or not. Along with this you should also try to detect the loops in your driving habits like keeping the clutch of continuously pressed while driving, switching on the air conditioner at different stops etc. All these driving habits are quite enough to affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle to huge extent.

How tuning can improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle?

There is myth among lots of car owners that replacing the existing engine with powerful engine will help in improving the fuel efficiency. But surprisingly it is like hitting yourself with your gun, because by integrating powerful engine our engine burns more fuel and inhales more air resulting in high fuel consumption on the contrary low power results in improved fuel efficiency. Therefore to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by tuning it would be better to enhance the combustion system of an engine delivering the fuel efficiency and improving the performance of the engine.

Ferrari 458 Racing ECURemapping

Installing the light weighted flywheel can also be the good option to improve the efficiency of fuel by minimizing the rotational speed of the engine. However this technique will be favorable only during the condition when you drive your car for short distances because going for long drives and driving across the hilly areas will result in increased fuel consumption.

So now if you are also suffering from the problem of low fuel efficiency get the engine of your car tuned by an expert mechanic and enjoy flawless drive of your car without making any strategy.

Supercharger Pulley: The Small Component With Huge Power

Despite of being small in size the supercharger pulley plays an important role in taking the tuning of your car completely to the high level. This might surprise to you, but there is plenty of power still hidden in your vehicle even after tuning and remapping and installing the new supercharger pulley can amazingly bring out that hidden power from your vehicle.


An interesting fact about pulley is that it doesn’t require any heavy modification or alteration in your vehicle and can be simply fitted by removing the existing pulley from its place or by heat shrinking. But, to enjoy the full potential of the upgraded pulley it is necessary to pay appropriate attention towards its maintenance.

Maintaining the supercharger pulley: To enjoy the flawless functioning of pulley it is important to look after its proper maintenance and get it serviced from time to time.

  1. Lubricating: The main objective of the pulley is to spin the supercharger and during this process the pulley creates huge friction, due to which they it starts slipping from its place. To stop this slipping it is necessary to lubricate the pulley properly at regular intervals, especially at the time of car servicing. Interestingly the pulley available now days on the market contains their personal oil system and do not require any type of lubrication from the engine.


  1. Heat: It is a universal truth that every machine depreciates due to regular wear and tear and interestingly supercharger pulley is not an exception to it. Due to excess of heat there are chances that the pulley might break, it would therefore be better to install pulley that is heat resistant and capable of bearing high temperature for during drive without doing any damage to the vehicle.
  2. Alignment: Although pulley is fitted by simply replacing the existing pulley but to enjoy its full potential it should aligned properly. The pulley fitted forcefully or misaligned will affect the overall performance of your vehicle in the form of fuel efficiency performance and leakage of oil. To get rid of these problems it is better to get it inspected by an expert mechanic at regular times or at the time of service.


Types of Supercharger Pulley: There are mainly two types of upgrading pulleys found in market one with larger engine crank and another with small engine crank. But, their size doesn’t affect their functioning and both of them help in a fast spinning of the supercharger, compressing the air or fuel mixture and finally the last generating more power.

Tuning Can Boost the Performance of Your Diesel Car

Diesel Car TuningWhen a person decides to buy a car of his choice his main objective is to buy the car that is not only enriched with contemporary features but is also cost effective and delivers healthy fuel efficiency. And, therefore going through this requirement lots of people prefer to buy a diesel car, because it satisfies their all expectations which they expect from their vehicle. But, the engine of diesel car makes extra sound while driving, the power generation and torque efficiency of these cars is comparatively lower than petrol cars, the acceleration speed is also lower. In simple words, it can be said that driving a diesel car although satisfies your varied driving needs but on the other side you also have to struggle with different performance parameters.

Interestingly, all these problems have now become the tales of yester years as today tuning the diesel car can dramatically boost the performance of your tired diesel car and that also at the terms and conditions that you feel suitable for you. In recent modifying, the software installed in the engine control unit to determine the performance of fuel injection vehicles has emerged as the simplest methods of diesel cars tuning. The main objective of ECU is to look after the every activity performed by the engine reply to instructions received from different sensors.

Car Tuning, Engine Tuning and ECU Remapping

The software installed in the ECU determines the fuel efficiency of the diesel car by making an appropriate timing of fuel transition between the engine so that it operates smoothly at different rotations per minute and delivers normal emission level. The diesel engine developed few years back had ECU installed on a computer chip. But the diesel engines developed today have in-built ECUs which can be accessed through on-board diagnostic port.

Today with help of Blue Optimize technique the tuning and remapping of diesel engine can be performed within the span of an hour. The technique of blue optimization makes use of diesel particulate filter deletion and tuning. This however is illegal in some of the countries but in countries where it is legal diesel car owners are getting their cars tuned by this technique.

Getting the diesel car tuned by an experienced mechanic will result in smooth engine performance that will produce more power and torque. Let us for instance if own an Audi car empowered with 2.0 litre generating the power of 140 BHP will develop the power of around 170 BHP after ECU remapping. This is just an illustration of an ECU tuning, depending upon the make of your car you can enjoy sufficient improvement in the performance of your car.