Know the Mechanism of Exhaust of Your Car Before Tuning

Being a car enthusiast you must be well aware about the relevance of car tuning, which plays an important role in enjoying the smooth and powerful performance from your beloved car. But as you drive it regularly, it is imperative that there will be a decline in its performance and therefore, while it’s servicing you pay equal attention towards the tuning of your car.

As a general practice while tuning different components installed in the mechanism of your car are properly checked, upgraded and replaced with the new ones to offer enhanced performance from it. The Pulley is one such item that facilitates the smooth functioning of different parts integrated in the engine system of the car and plays an important role in offering appropriate tuning of your car.

Jagaur F Type Supercharger Pulley

Interestingly, today we have supercharger pulleys and upgraded supercharger pulleys available in the market that are helpful in bringing the tuning of your vehicle completely to the new level. Especially if you are an owner of any super car, then installing any of these pulley’s will not only make the tuning and remapping of the ECU more effective than earlier but will boost the power of your car to extreme levels. To install the new pulley you need not have to replace the supercharger of your car nor you need to make any huge modifications in its mechanism. The upgraded pulley can easily be mounted by removing the existing supercharger pulley. After installation the most noticeable factors will be improved power band, enhancement in throttle response.

As a general practice, there mainly two types of modified pulleys including the supercharger pulley with larger engine crank. The main object of these pulleys is to spin the supercharger little bit faster than standard speed.

Will the installation of modified and upgraded supercharger pulley affect the performance of the car’s engine or charger? Well an answer to this question in simple words is “NO” because you are just replacing the old pulley with the new one, that is developed to work in the same way but with more speed. The use of these supercharger pulleys can easily be activated on cars like Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Range Rover etc.

Installing The New Pulley:  Installing the new pulley is quite easy and with little smartness you can easily install it in your vehicle. However, for that you should keep the following factors in concern.

  1. It would be better to check the condition of new pulley that, are you are going to install, make sure that it is not broken from any side and also it is supplied with a warranty so that in case of any problem you can contact directly to its manufacturer.
  2. Now disconnect your car from the battery and get it cool for at-least two hours. Because, as the pulley is directly fits into the engine it is possible that the hot components of the engine might burn your hands. Disconnecting the battery from the car also protects the other chances of short circuit in other components.
  3. Now take out the screw from the fuse box and put it in front of supercharger belt and try to clamp it strongly across the pulley. Now remove the bolt holding the pulley and remove the pulley.
  4. Now after removing the old pulley makes use of sandpaper for cleaning the new pulley that you are going to install. Lubricate it along with other parts of the supercharger. This will help in smooth placing of the pulley.
  5. Now place the new pulley at the place of old pulley and again clam the supercharger belt and start tightening the bolt and press the pulley. Now install the belt and keep the fuse box back to its location and connect the battery and you are ready to move. But before you switch on the ignition of your car make sure that all the wires are properly connected, so as to avoid any chance of electric fuse.

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