How Remapping Improves Torque and Performance of the Car?

Remapping of engine control unit (ECU) of the car has gained huge popularity among car lovers in recent years because of unbelievable benefits offered by it. In simple words, the ECU remapping may be explained as the process of tuning the software that helps in proper functioning of the engine installed in your car. If you are a mobile game lover then you must be aware about the term “chipping” which mainly refers to chipping the devices with the facility of playing games that are even not available in your country. Similarly, when it comes to the car, chipping refers to remapping the engine for enjoying the additional features of the cars that are offered in another market.

The cars that are manufactured in today’s scenario are mainly controlled by computer programming and therefore the engines installed in them are enriched with plethora of sensors that look after the functionality of various components helping the engine control unit to perform best of its abilities.

Jaguar XKR Tuning and ECU Remapping
Does your car need remapping?

Although remapping is popularity among us, but still there are lots of car enthusiasts in getting the remapping done on their car. Well do you know that car manufacturers across the world, map the engine control unit of different cars manufactured by them on one common standard depending upon the different factors prevailing in different markets in which these cars will be exported. That means cars exported in different countries are enriched with same features without any modifications.

How remapping will help in boosting the performance of your car?

The company remapping your car will go through the map of your car’s engine and then remap it according to your requirement after assessing your expectations from your car. Remapping boost-up the fuel efficiency of your car along with its power and torque.

Remapping will break the limits determined on the speed and revs. The companies offering the service of remapping with either install a new chip in the circuit board of your car or will remap the engine of your car with help of software installed in their computer system and connect it with the diagnostic port of your car.

Performance Tuning

While remapping the car one thing which you should keep in concern is the working of clutch system. If the clutch system of your car is working properly then you will not face any issue with the performance of your, but in case if you are car is old then it would be better to replace the existing clutch system to enjoy flawless drive from your car after remapping it. Moving if there any other parts also which because of regular wear and tear are creating a problem then they should be equally replaced for enjoying smooth driving of your car.

One question which might arise in your mind while remapping the engine control unit (ECU) of your car that will it affect the insurance of your car? If this is your concern, then you need not have to worry because today going through the practice of remapping insurance companies have provision regarding this practice and remapping doesn’t affect the insurance of your car.

It would be interested to know that going through the increasing practice of engine remapping now days various manufacturers across the world have started offering remapping chip online to the car enthusiast willing to remap their car for better performance. This chip can be fixed on the on board diagnostic port and the person with adequate knowledge can himself remap the engine of his car. In case he is a novice then these manufacturers have their experts located in different corners across the world to assist their clients in remapping their vehicles.


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