Supercharger Pulley: The Small Component With Huge Power

Despite of being small in size the supercharger pulley plays an important role in taking the tuning of your car completely to the high level. This might surprise to you, but there is plenty of power still hidden in your vehicle even after tuning and remapping and installing the new supercharger pulley can amazingly bring out that hidden power from your vehicle.


An interesting fact about pulley is that it doesn’t require any heavy modification or alteration in your vehicle and can be simply fitted by removing the existing pulley from its place or by heat shrinking. But, to enjoy the full potential of the upgraded pulley it is necessary to pay appropriate attention towards its maintenance.

Maintaining the supercharger pulley: To enjoy the flawless functioning of pulley it is important to look after its proper maintenance and get it serviced from time to time.

  1. Lubricating: The main objective of the pulley is to spin the supercharger and during this process the pulley creates huge friction, due to which they it starts slipping from its place. To stop this slipping it is necessary to lubricate the pulley properly at regular intervals, especially at the time of car servicing. Interestingly the pulley available now days on the market contains their personal oil system and do not require any type of lubrication from the engine.


  1. Heat: It is a universal truth that every machine depreciates due to regular wear and tear and interestingly supercharger pulley is not an exception to it. Due to excess of heat there are chances that the pulley might break, it would therefore be better to install pulley that is heat resistant and capable of bearing high temperature for during drive without doing any damage to the vehicle.
  2. Alignment: Although pulley is fitted by simply replacing the existing pulley but to enjoy its full potential it should aligned properly. The pulley fitted forcefully or misaligned will affect the overall performance of your vehicle in the form of fuel efficiency performance and leakage of oil. To get rid of these problems it is better to get it inspected by an expert mechanic at regular times or at the time of service.


Types of Supercharger Pulley: There are mainly two types of upgrading pulleys found in market one with larger engine crank and another with small engine crank. But, their size doesn’t affect their functioning and both of them help in a fast spinning of the supercharger, compressing the air or fuel mixture and finally the last generating more power.


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