Is it possible to Tune every car?

Despite of the fact that the practice of chip tuning has gained huge popularity among the car enthusiasts struggling with the performance of their car throughout the world, there are lots of motorists who are not aware about this concept and the benefits delivered by it. Therefore, before, understanding the benefits of offered by tuning the chip, it would be better to understand its actual concept.

Well, in simple terms it may be defined as the process of editing, modifying or deleting the program configured in the memory chip of the engine control unit to re-write the new program for enhancing the performance of particular vehicle in terms of emission levels, power generation efficiency, or fuel efficiency etc. This might surprise you, but despite of driving the car for many years, still there is substantial power left in its engine that determines its overall performance. By rewriting, the program that power is extracted by the technician, thus helping the car owners the privilege of enjoying improved performance from their vehicle.


However, today with changing time the process of chip tuning is being used as remapping the engine control unit, which is mainly because of non-existence of EPROM chips in engine control unit. Instead of that maps are drawn for determining the performance of different components associated with the engine. But, now the question might arise in your mind, that why should I tune the chip of my car? Or you might be concerned that will it be effective for my car, or you might even be concerned about the machinery of your car.

Interestingly, an answer to this question will definitely surprise you, because the performance that your car had been delivering at the time you purchased was not its actual performance, and therefore, as the time passed, there was a decline in its performance, which although is a natural process, due to regular wear and tear of the machine. The performance that it was delivering was determined by the original manufacturer of the car keeping in concern the standard driving conditions prevailing in the different countries of the world.

During, the process of chip tuning, re-writing the program results in bringing out that hidden performance, the motorists witness an improvement in its performance. The worth mentioning feature of tuning the chip or remapping the engine control unit of the car is that it do not impacts the warranty of the car and comply strictly with the driving standards existing in different countries across the world. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned about the improved performance of the vehicle is that it mainly depends upon the existing condition of your car’s engine. But, still one thing which could be said strongly is that despite of poor engine condition you will notice satisfactory improvement in the performance of your car.

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