Blue Optimize: Redefining the vehicle remapping

Today, there would be hardly any motorists who must not be struggling with the problem of increasing fuel consumption by his vehicle. Going through this requirement nowadays the car technicians are also trying to expand their services and enhance their expertise in learning and finding the methods that are helpful in offering substantial expenses on the fuel saving to the motorists finding the methods to cope with the problem of declining fuel efficiency of their vehicle.


Interestingly, going through the concern of car technicians different types of software are being introduced by the technical institutes that are user friendly and endorsed to offer appropriate saving on the fuel expenses. The recent initiative in this niche is “Blue Optimize”  software that has been honored with various awards like Innovation in Technology award from UK chamber of Commerce in 2011, Cost Saving Initiative of the Year 2013 from Fleet News, and a few more. Developed by the expert technicians of Viezu, remapping the engine by making use of this software is not only helpful in offering competitive fuel efficiency but also minimizing the level of emission developed by your vehicle. Remapping the vehicle with help of Blue Optimize software results in:

  1. Minimizing the expenses on fuel up to 20%
  2. Up to 20% of decline in the level of emissions
  3. No impact on the warranty or the residual value of the vehicle
  4. No mechanical change in the vehicle
  5. Capable of remapping the vehicle in the span of an hour
  6. Offers return on the investment made by the car technicians within the period of six months or even less than this period
  7. The vehicle can be reset to its original settings any time without any complexity.

Well, now the question arises that why do the technicians need to make use of such software for remapping or tuning the vehicle, instead of doing the same exercise manually. In this regard it would be interested to know that in current scenario the functionality of various components installed under the bonnet are controlled with the help of an engine control unit or ECU. An ECU is a device embellished with the software program determining the working efficiency of engine and other parts linked with the engine, thus controlling the power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency of the vehicle.

Now as the whole process is computerized it requires the use of a software that is used by the tuner for remapping or re-writing the program with new settings, so that the vehicle is able to deliver enhanced performance with simple modifications. Going through this necessity, today, there are different types of software available in the market that are used by the tuners for tuning the engine control unit of the vehicle.

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