Land Rover defender restoration: Revamping the time

Land Rover Defender, an off-road giant by the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover is recognized not only for its muscular body, but also for its mind blowing performance, that made the car enthusiasts across the world for almost 68 years from 1948 – 2016. The phase out of giant SUV was not less than a shock for its lovers, but as there is time for everyone to retire, Defender was not an exception to this. However, after two years in 2018, its Special Edition christened as Defender Works V8 was launched by the company.

Land rover defender VIP restoration chassis repair and custom fabrication-1

Nevertheless, the SUV did not lose its craze among the car enthusiasts throughout the globe, although, there were lots of people who said that the Land Rover Defender is now dead. Anyhow, the carmaker is reported to develop the new Defender embellished with new features and powertrains, still, the car lovers are willing to buy any of the used version of this off-road ruler without any hesitation. Interestingly, going through their craze, some expert technicians like Viezu are offering the facility of Land Rover Defender Restoration to rejuvenate the ruler of the road with cosmetic updates on both the exterior and interior front. The worth mentioning feature of this restoration project is that it changes the used or its predecessor Defender not less than its last version that was launched back in 2016.

Before After

The restoration not only consists of installing the damaged accessories like front and rear lights, bumpers, wheel covers, wipers, and other on the exterior front, but, also includes upgrading the paint with new color combinations. On the interior front also it undergoes vast changes including the upholstery, sitting pattern, installing new buttons for various accessories, like air conditioner, infotainment system, lighting, etc.

Along with these changes the major change that enhances the overall pleasure of driving this powerful SUV is remapping its engine control unit with a new program, so that the vehicle is able to generate its hidden power potentials accordingly. In short, it can be said that restoration is like upgrading the vehicle by replacing the damaged components whether they are mechanical or cosmetic. While discussing the mechanical updates, it would be interesting to know that these updates are not stagnated only to engine, but, also includes other upgrades like upgrading the brakes, suspension system, ignition system, exhaust, even, the nut bolts that are used for fixing different components.

In short, it can be said, that restoration of the Land Rover Defender facilitates you to not only enjoy its flawless drive but also to enjoy the feeling of driving its brand new version without any used component.

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