Every car needs ECU remapping- Here’s why?

Who doesn’t want his personal car? Everyone does and it is amongst one of the major factors of concern especially for the ones who are car enthusiasts. They look out for a lot of features before buying a vehicle because even a little fault in a vehicle can lead to sleepless nights and stressful days until unless the issue is not detected and solved. Usually, the performance of every vehicle depends on the working condition of the engine that plays a vital role in expecting the better fuel efficiency from your car.

Ferrari 430 458 tuning and ecu remapping

Interestingly, today the marketplace is well-versed with the cars that are empowered with digital features and despite detecting any issue manually, these vehicles are controlled by specific software that looks after the performance of different vital parts of the car. Days have gone back when to detect any issue with the performance of the engine, the mechanics have to open the full engine and identify the actual issue. The engines installed in cars today are controlled by computer-oriented software known as ECU Remapping referring to Engine Control Unit. The remap process is helpful in enhancing the performance of your vehicle under varied driving conditions.

Now the question arises that how ECU remapping will be helpful to your automobile?

Whenever a new car is manufactured the standards of engine control unit i.e. ECU is determined according to standard settings. These settings are based on the atmospheric conditions existing in that specific country where that car will be launched. The efficient remap will help in improvising the working of your car where there are no specific standards for the engine controlling unit.

Remapping of ECU is mainly performed in the cars where different components used in the engine are either repaired or replaced with a new component or there is any modification in the mechanism of the car. Any sort of changes in the car’s engine will definitely affect its performance.

In such circumstances it becomes imperative for you to the get the ECU fixed strictly according to the new exhaust system of your car, ensuring the boost in its performance in the form of improved fuel efficiency. Not only this, the ECU remapping also ensures low emission which is helpful in controlling the emergence of polluting factors from your car.



Why Use A Performance Exhaust System?

Looking to upgrade to a performance exhaust system on your supercar? You came to the right place as we have for you the best options that will benefit you in many ways. This upgrade will improve the performance of your engine and will further help your car perform better. The major benefits of having a performance exhaust are listed below and these are the only core reasons that explain in detail about the need for such a system in a supercar. Let’s have a look:

Audi ECU Remap

  • Increased horsepower and torque: The performance-boosting exhaust systems are designed to dispel the exhaust gases much efficiently allowing better breathing to the engine and hence producing more and more power.
  • Improved fuel economy: Another major benefit of having better exhaust system is that it enhances the engine’s overall performance by maximising the exit of exhaust gases from the cylinders. This improvement leads to increased fuel efficiency.
  • Louder and deeper growl: Such exhaust systems remove sound absorbing materials that later improves the efficiency and let your supercar engine growl like it never has before.

In other words, the benefit of opting for a performance exhaust upgrade is that it further increases and improves the overall fuel mileage. It can be installed on just about any vehicle and service providers in the UK like Paramount Performance let you choose from a large variety of mufflers that are on hand as well as a variety of stainless steel tips. You can choose either from aluminized piping as well as stainless steel exhaust for your beloved car.

The expert technicians make sure that everything is well welded double-checked for leaks and comes with a warranty of parts or services for a certain period of time. Last but not the least, the exhaust systems, when driven gently will give you a horsepower/torque gain from the motor itself improving the performance of every car.

WinOLS Tuning Course for Improving the Car Remapping Skills

The auto industry is growing day by day with the latest technologies. The car companies are blessing their new vehicles with these technologies and also making the cars fuel efficient and powerful. But, car lovers feel that their car is not performing well because they want to get more and more output from it.

EVC WinOLS Training

To deal with this, there are many ways to improve the power and performance with WinOLS training and others such as chip tuning, ECU remapping, DSG tuning, alientech tuning, etc. and there are many professional institutes provide training for these tuning courses. On such course, WinOLs Course has been initiated for the students willing to explore their career in the field of the remapping engine control unit.

WinOLS tuning is to be done by the use of WinOLS software which helps in searching installed date in the data file on engine control unit (ECU). Also, there are many ways to access this data file and to modify it. The original file in the ECU is stored is stored as ‘project’ and once the file is modified or altered it is saved by its newer ‘version’ name.

Viezu Classroom Training

For the professional, these courses are also varying by its time duration and also they are categorised as per the duration. WinOLS Training varies from the 3 day course to 5 day course depending upon the interest of the student and the engine configuration preferred by him. If anyone wants to get the advanced knowledge of such tuning, he/she can also go for 1 day DSG tuning training course after the above courses.

So, if you are related to this field, you can join any course as per your interest.

How to Identify that Your Volkswagen Car Needs Chip Tuning?

Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Tiguan etc are not only the names of cars manufactured by the German car maker Volkswagen but these are cars which are best illustrations of power and performance merged in one unit. But as depreciation is the nature of every machine similarly car machinery is not an exception to it and there is decline in its working efficiency despite of how powerful it has been made by the maker.

Volkswagen Tuning

Interestingly as the performance of every machine is enhanced by undergoing its repairing and replacing the defective parts similarly performance of the car is also enhanced by simply tuning its chip and other machines responsible for its high performance. But the problem with most of the car owners is that they are not able to recognize the decline in the performance of their car and keep on paying high bills for its maintenance, whereas the fact is that as chip tuning is helpful in enhancing the performance of other cars similarly getting the chip tuning of your Volkswagen car can dynamically improve its performance according to your expectations.

Therefore despite of discussing the benefits and methods of chip tuning let us today point out the symptoms which indicate that your Volkswagen car also needs chip tuning, because being a layman it is difficult for the car owners to recognize those symptoms:

  1. Visiting fuel filling stations frequently: If despite of driving the car on same route you have to fill fuel quite instantly as compared to earlier then it is an indication that your car consuming more fuel and there is decline in its fuel efficiency. This problem might be due to poor fuel injectors, poor fuel filter and spark plugs etc.
  2. Decline in the performance of brakes: Brakes play an important role in retaining your control over your car, if you notice problem in applying brakes or they do not response quickly according to your actions then also it is an indication that your car needs chip tuning. T his problem might rise due to lack of brake oil or failing of brake pads.
  3. Irritating sounds coming from the car: If you notice some irritating sounds coming from your car it is better to get them checked quickly despite of ignoring them. Sounds of knocking or squealing clearly reveal that there is problem either with the engine or there is leakage from some parts of your car.
  4. Starting problems: If you notice problem in switching on your car then also it is an indication that you need to tune-up your car. This problem might take place due to failing intake valves, problem with fuel injection system, ignition problem, etc.

So next time if you notice any of the such problems in your car without wasting the time visit to your nearest car servicing centre and get the issue rectified .

The Glimpse of WinOLS Car Tuning Course

Introduction: In recent year’s different types of non-regular courses have made their impact in the lives of youths struggling to find the suitable job for their livelihood. The worth mentioning feature these courses is that they not only offer appropriate job to the students pursuing them but also provides them an opportunity to explore their name as an expert in the field. On such course is WinOLS Course which has been initiated for the students willing to explore their career in the field of remapping engine control unit.

EVC WinOLS Training

The students undergoing this course are taught the method of ECU remapping by making use of the WinOLS software. Use of this software helps in searching and finding the maps that are installed in the data file of engine control unit. The maps found can be renamed and formatted in the desired format, thus enhancing the power and performance of the vehicle on which the remapping is performed.

There are different ways by which the data file can be accessed and modified. The original file that is stored in the data base for the first time is stored as ‘project’ and once the file is modified or altered it is saved as ‘version’. In this way the technician can store up to 200 versions of each project file, thus making it easier to select the best file that is suitable to offer optimum performance of the vehicle after its remapping.

Duration of WinOLS Course: If going through the subject you feel that the duration of course may vary from six months to twelve months or beyond that, then you are mistaken because the duration of WinOLS Training varies from 3 day course to 5 day course depending upon the interest of the student and the engine configuration preferred by him. As the general practice most of the students opt for the five day course because undergoing this course they have an opportunity of remapping the engine by making use of WinOLS software for both diesel and gasoline engine configuration whereas under three day course they only learn the process of remapping on diesel engine configuration.

During the training the students are given complete knowledge of engine control unit remapping through theoretical and practical classes. In the theoretical classes the students are given the basic knowledge about the engine control remapping its benefits and necessity. Whereas in the practical classes the students are not only taught the method of using the software properly but also given the training of solving complex remapping issues which they might face while working separately in future.

It would be interested to know that today there are various renowned technical institutes across the world which are initiating such training course across the world through different study centres located in the different countries. Anyhow if any student is not able to join the regular classes or do not have the study centre in his country then to facilitate such students these centres provide the facility of online training through skype and providing them the study material online.

Well, after going through the necessity of WinOLS course and its training for remapping the engine control unit, one question might be taking place in your mind that what is engine control unit remapping?

What is ECU remapping? You will agree that when a person buys the car his main objective maximum fuel efficiency and therefore when it comes to enhancing the fuel efficiency he is keen to adopt all the measures which are helpful in meeting his objective. Going through this desire he even do not hesitates in replacing the components of his car with aftermarket components. Interestingly these components although help in improving the performance of his vehicle but impacts not only the warranty and insurance of the car but also its resale value.

Viezu Training Centre

On the other side remapping the engine control unit only refers to remapping the software installed in the engine control unit of the car without replacing any component from the car. The worth mention feature of remapping is that apart from increasing the overall performance of the vehicle it do not affects its warranty, insurance or its resale value, until it is prohibited in the country where the whole operation is carried out.

As the whole project of remapping it quite complex it requires to be accomplished by an expert mechanic therefore going through the huge requirements of such experts, lots of students are getting themselves enrolled in such courses.

Which One To Choose- Turbochargers Or Superchargers?

Being an automobile savvy, you must have heard these two terms ‘turbochargers’ and ‘superchargers’ more frequently. Both of these chargers fall under the ‘forced induction’ umbrella. Knowing only this much about these two, rather it is necessary to know how actually does it work. In general, turbochargers and superchargers, both generate boost by compressing the air which flows into an engine. As a result of which the more fuel can be pumped into the cylinder, giving more power from every explosion in a cylinder.

The turbochargers works by using hot exhaust gases to spin the blades of the compressor mounted on the engine while superchargers or high performance supercharger pulley, on the other hand, works attaching to the main drive pulley, using the power of the vehicle’s engine to compress air.

Look at these few points to determine which charger to choose for your engine- turbocharger or supercharger.

Jagaur F Type Supercharger Pulley

  • Turbocharger installation is more difficult as the turbocharger needs to be integrated into the existing exhaust system, making it difficult to install after-market than the supercharger that basically bolts on the top of the engine. To install a turbocharger in the engine you have to re-route the exhaust system inside the engine bay so that the turbo can straddle the intake and exhaust system.
  • Turbochargers are more efficient because they are powered by vehicle’s exhaust gases essentially converting the wasted energy into the additional power. While superchargers on the other hand pull their power directly from the engine. The turbos are therefore perfectly suited for the smaller engines whereas superchargers are tend to be best suited with the larger engines. The superchargers can even hurt the performance of the engine at the lower RPM in case the supercharger boost can be gobbled up by the energy needed to drive the high-performance supercharger pulley.


Which one is more reliable among these two?

The answer to this question depends on the heat management and cost. As a general rule, superchargers manage heat better than most turbos. The internally oiled superchargers are practically bulletproof whereas the superchargers that use vehicle’s oil system for cooling are less reliable. The turbochargers have to manage more heat as compared to the superchargers. Thus, the aftermarket supercharger is typically more reliable as far as it is compared to the after-market turbocharger.

Alientech Training: Dedicated for all Aspiring Car Mechanics

Alientech TrainingIn recent years, trend of tuning the engine control unit of cars had gained huge popularity among the owners of cars due to plethora of benefits enjoyed by it. Going through this practice lots of car owners are visiting car repairing centres to tune their car. But, tuning the ECU is not as easy process and a little mistake is quite enough to damage the whole mechanism of the vehicle and therefore the whole process should be carried out by an expert. Because, today with change in the techniques of production manufacturing of car has undergone vast changes and use of computer has made its entrance in determining the functioning of different components installed under the bonnet.

And, therefore as without knowledge you cannot work on the computer system similarly to carry out the task of tuning it is imperative for the mechanic to undergo necessary training before adding the service of car tuning in the menu of services offered by him. Therefore, keeping the requirements of skilled mechanics in concerned, now days different types of engine control tuning courses are initiated by various technical institutions.

Viezu Training Centre

Offered by Viezu, the Alientech ECM Titanium training course is one such course that will help in aspiring mechanics to learn the process of tuning the both gasoline and diesel engines that are installed in all types of vehicles. There are different types of Alientech training courses offered by the institute in the form of 1 day, 3 days and 5 days session. Interestingly the short course of five days will not only let the aspiring mechanics to get themselves acquainted with the proper knowledge of tuning and remapping the engine and the software but will also change their destiny by enhancing the income of their business to new levels.

The worth mentioning feature of training course offered by Viezu is that here the students are not only educated by sitting in front of their laptop but also given the practical knowledge of using the Alientech tuning software while tuning the car. This practical knowledge is helpful to students in understanding the problems which they might feel while tuning any car independently. For this each student is provided separate dynamometer to tune the cars so as to enhance their confidence and also to analyze their knowledge.