Fleet Tuning: Controlling Malpractices Adopted by the Drivers For Increasing Fuel Efficiency of the Vehicle

Before proceeding ahead towards our topic “Fleet Tuning”, I feel it would be better to understand what the term tuning refers to.

What is Tuning?

Tuning is the process wherein the standards or settings of a device are adjusted according to required performance. This could be better understood by an illustration, you will agree that as your car gets older it is not able to accelerate the power that it generated at the time of beginning. Along with this there is also decline in its fuel efficiency figures and also it has started developing high emission than compared to standard level.

Economy Tuning

To get rid of such problems, in recent years car tuning has emerged as the best solution to answer your different queries pertaining with the performance of your vehicle. The process of tuning facilitates the vehicle owner to determine the settings of its engine with help of a chip installed in the engine control unit (ECU) of your car placed below the on-board diagnostic port (OBD).

During the tuning, the existing settings of the engine control unit are re-written with the help of software that is developed strictly for this purpose only.

Moving ahead, the process of tuning is not restricted only towards determining the settings of old vehicle, but in case if you are not satisfied with performance of your newly brought vehicle then also you can boost its performance by changing its existing settings according to your requirements.

Fleet Tuning Explained

Fleet tuning may be defined as the process of tuning vehicles that constitute a part of fleet of vehicles being used by a group. You will agree that operating the business of transportation on the papers seems quite easier task, wherein after obtaining the license from local transport authority a group is allowed to make the fleet of vehicles move in different parts of the specific region without any government restrictions.

Fleet Tuning

Similarly, there are various institutions like hospitals, schools, colleges, call center who have different vehicles being used as means of transportation for dropping patients, students, employees etc to their desired destinations. In such organizations, it is imperative that proper attention should be paid towards the maintenance of all vehicles so as to minimize the cost of operation for these vehicles.

This is mainly because it is not possible for the owner to exactly track the location of these vehicles (although today with help of global positioning solution) it is possible to locate the position of vehicles. But, still there are various methods by which the performance of vehicles can be affected, resulting in the huge loss of the business operator.

Therefore, to get rid of this problem, the owners of a big number of vehicles look for the tuning for improved performance of their fleet of vehicles and minimize the cost of their operation to huge extent.

Referred as “Blue Optimizing” fuel economy technique, the process has enabled the fleet operators of various vehicles to maintain control over the fuel efficiency and minimize the levels of emission. The major benefits enjoyed by using blue optimizing process are mentioned below:

1. Reduction in fuel charges up to 15%;
2. No impact on warranty or the residual value of the vehicle;
3. Decline in level of emissions;
4. No change in the physical structure of the vehicle;
5. The owner of vehicles can enjoy return on investments made by him on tuning the fleet of vehicles under his supervision within the period of six months;
6. The process can be conducted in less than an hours;
7. The original settings of the vehicle can be adjusted easily;
8. Instant change in the fuel consumption figures; and
9. No additional cost for each vehicle individually.

The major benefit of fleet tuning enjoyed by the fleet operators is that it facilitates them to control the malpractices adopted by their drivers by making misappropriation of accounts maintained in the records maintained for recording fuel efficiency of vehicle driven by them.

Exhaust System To Boost The Efficiency of the Car

Buying an expensive car like Aston Martin or Lamborghini or Ferrari or Porsche is not everyone’s cup of coffee, but still there are lots of these car owners who despite of being high price for these cars are not able to enjoy the actual power hidden in these cars. This however doesn’t mean that the components used for developing these cars aren’t of high quality and the manufacturers cheated car owners by charging costs for developing these cars. Actually, this is mainly because of driving restrictions prevailing in different countries due to which the car makers have to follow those manufacturing parameters while developing the particular car for specific region.

Aston martin vanquish performance exhaust

This sometimes is painful for the car owners who do not want to make any compromise in price for enjoying the full potential of their car. Interestingly, today there are various modification methods which could help them in getting rid of their problem without putting an additional financial burden on their pockets. So, now the question arises that what are the components working on which could help in improving the performance of these expensive cars or any other car equally across the world?

high performance exhaust systems

In this regard the first important component to consider is the exhaust system of a car which mainly looks after the exhausting of hazardous gases from the car with the help of strong tubes used for the purpose. These tubes are developed from a thin sheet of steel which gets damaged after specified period of time. To make the smooth flow of gases to enhance the power and performance of the engine it is better to get the existing exhaust system of your car replaced with high performance car exhaust system.

jaguar mk2 exhaust system with manifolds

Now this might surprise you that what is high performance car exhaust system and does it perform extraordinarily than the regular exhaust system? So, an answer to this question in simple words is that this system also exhausts the gases in the same way as standard company fitted exhaust system the only difference is in their make. The high performance system for exhausting gases is developed by making use aluminized steel or high quality stainless steel and last for longer time as compared to their standard time.

Interestingly, now days there are lots of renowned suppliers of performance exhaust system that offer wide range of such exhaust systems, including hand-made exhaust manifolds, headers, systems and mufflers to tailor the requirement of antique cars to modern cars depending upon their requirements.

Some of the commonly used high performance exhaust systems are:

  1. Cylinder head and exhaust manifold: The cylinder head is generally placed on top of the cylinders and affects the performance of engine by fixing the compression and volumetric efficiency ratio of the engine. Whereas the exhaust manifold is developed from steel units mainly involved in the business of collecting gases from different cylinders and moving them through the exhaust pipe. A turbocharger that deals mainly with increasing the density of air that enters the engine, thus improving the power ratio that engine can provide.
  2. Muffler: The main objective of muffler is to minimize the sound levels that develop during the exhaust of gases inside the pipe.
  3. Catalytic converter: This is mainly used for minimizing the level of air pollution and reducing the emission level of gases that is transmitted through the engine.

The main objective of high performance car exhaust system is improving the exhausting efficiency of the car, depending upon its make and mechanism.

Unleash the Hidden Features of Your Beloved Audi by its Engine Tuning

Name of Audi doesn’t require any introduction to introduce itself in the world of cars. The cars sold by German luxurious car maker are considered as the synonym of power and performance blended in one unit. The stylish looks, use of robust materials and unique engineering result in making Audi undoubtedly an excelled car in all segments whether it is entry level super mini sized car A1 developed keeping in driving expectation of young car enthusiasts or Audi R8 representing the car maker in supercar segment.

Audi Tuning

All the cars launched by car maker apart from above mentioned cars namely A4, S3, A5, TT, RS6, Q7 and A3 are enriched with the features that are not offered by other luxurious car makers across the world in their specific segment. But, surprisingly despite of all those in-built features, the enthusiasts of Audi cars are not satisfied with the performance of their beloved car and wish to get more from it by retuning its existing settings.

Interestingly, now days there are various methods in form of chip tuning and ECU remapping by which you can tune your Audi depending upon your requirement. The methods of Audi Tuning developed by the experts are custom written and developed after going through the varied needs of Audi owners. The tuning of vehicle helps in enhancing its power and torque generation efficiencies, throttle response, drivability, and fuel efficiency.

The tuning and remapping program is available for both the diesel and petrol variants of different products launched by the car maker. It would be interested to know that the tuning and remapping program can be performed instantly and easily with help of on board diagnostic board.

Audi Engine Remap

So, now being an Audi owner if you are also planning to get your Audi tuned again then below are some great thoughts that will help you in getting more from your beloved car.

  1. Boosting the engine power: The worth mentioning feature of tuning any vehicle is boosting its power generation efficiency and therefore from that point of view your Audi is not an exception to it. This you can do by going through any of the following process:

    A. The highly recommended and the most cost effective method of boosting the power of any vehicle is remapping the engine control unit or ECU. Getting the ECU remap by an expert will help you in remapping the engine of your car and make your car capable of generating superior power and torque along with improved fuel efficiency.

    B. The other method of tuning is to boost the performance of exhaust system and make smooth flow of air through engine. Improving the performance of exhaust system helps in enhancing the power generation efficiency of an engine.

    Precaution to be kept in concern while enhancing the power of engine: When you tune the engine of your vehicle, it will simultaneously require some changes in fuel system. The boost-up of engine will equally require installation of fuel pressure regulator and fuel injectors to enjoy full benefit of engine tuning.

  2. Upgrading the brakes: While you tune the engine of your Audi for enjoying additional power and improved throttle response, then you should upgrade its braking system including high friction pads and large calipers to response the quick pick up of your car.
  3. Work on the suspension system of your car: From the above mentioned discussion it is clear that tuning the car enhances its power, torque and throttle response. But, it also impacts the other parts of your car and therefore to enjoy full benefit of tuning it is imperative to pay equal attention to other parts. Improved power means increase in the speed of vehicle and therefore driving such vehicle on rugged roads with existing suspension system will undoubtedly offer unwanted shocks while driving. It would therefore be better to get the rubber bushing and settings of suspension system also checked by an expert to avoid any type of problem after tuning.

Epilogue: Buying an Audi car in itself is a pride moment for every car enthusiasts but going through the cut throat competition among all car makers, every month modified cars are stepping in the market which offer better performance than the others existing in the same segment. However, going through this, it doesn’t mean that the current owners of old cars should sale their cars just to enjoy enhanced features in another car. With help of car tuning they can get their car stay in the same lane as the cars of today’s generation stay.

Tune Your Car Exhaust System to Get More Power by Your Car

Undoubtedly having the luxurious sports car like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari or Porsche is not less than a dream coming for a layman, but there are lots car enthusiasts from whom driving these cars is just satisfying their hunger of kissing and hugging the speed and power. And, therefore they are not satisfied with the parameters of these elements determined by the original manufacturer of these vehicles. Interestingly going through the craziness of such car enthusiasts the manufacturers also leave lots of options in these vehicles that are helpful in enhancing the torque and horsepower in these vehicles.

Performance Exhaust Supplier

However it doesn’t mean that by doing this these manufacturers leave drawbacks in these vehicles, of-course not but as selling those vehicles with those modified parts could increase their actual price they hesitate in doing the same as because of that they might not be able to sale the vehicle to their prospective buyers. Now the question arises that what are those parts which adversely impact the cost of any vehicle. In this regard it would be important to mention the name of exhaust system which mainly plays the role of throwing out the hazardous gases that generate while driving the car.

Interestingly installing the high performance car exhaust system helps in smooth flow of such gases from your car and indirectly helps the engine of your car to perform in better way and let the gases leave the combustion chambers more rapidly than their actual speed. Apart from this there are various reasons which will definitely support your decision of introducing new exhaust system in your car for improving its performance. Among different reasons an utmost benefits is reduction in the sound that generates while accelerating the car, with help of advanced exhaust system you can minimize the sound of acceleration to huge extent.


How the exhaust system is made of: As a general practice the exhaust systems are made in two types of bends that facilitate the flow of air in those vehicles. The bend used by the manufacturers is crush band technique which develops wrinkles in the exhaust pipes resulting decrease in the diameter of the pipe and minimizes the flow of gas at slow speed. Another bend is named as mandrel bend that is smooth in nature and retains the constant diameter of the pipe resulting in smooth flow of gas and improved performance.

It would be interested to know that there are various suppliers of performance exhaust system who had wide range of exhaust system including hand-made exhaust system, heads, mufflers, and catalytic convertors, GPS tracking devices which can be tailored according the different requirements of different customers.

How Remapping Improves Torque and Performance of the Car?

Remapping of engine control unit (ECU) of the car has gained huge popularity among car lovers in recent years because of unbelievable benefits offered by it. In simple words, the ECU remapping may be explained as the process of tuning the software that helps in proper functioning of the engine installed in your car. If you are a mobile game lover then you must be aware about the term “chipping” which mainly refers to chipping the devices with the facility of playing games that are even not available in your country. Similarly, when it comes to the car, chipping refers to remapping the engine for enjoying the additional features of the cars that are offered in another market.

The cars that are manufactured in today’s scenario are mainly controlled by computer programming and therefore the engines installed in them are enriched with plethora of sensors that look after the functionality of various components helping the engine control unit to perform best of its abilities.

Jaguar XKR Tuning and ECU Remapping
Does your car need remapping?

Although remapping is popularity among us, but still there are lots of car enthusiasts in getting the remapping done on their car. Well do you know that car manufacturers across the world, map the engine control unit of different cars manufactured by them on one common standard depending upon the different factors prevailing in different markets in which these cars will be exported. That means cars exported in different countries are enriched with same features without any modifications.

How remapping will help in boosting the performance of your car?

The company remapping your car will go through the map of your car’s engine and then remap it according to your requirement after assessing your expectations from your car. Remapping boost-up the fuel efficiency of your car along with its power and torque.

Remapping will break the limits determined on the speed and revs. The companies offering the service of remapping with either install a new chip in the circuit board of your car or will remap the engine of your car with help of software installed in their computer system and connect it with the diagnostic port of your car.

Performance Tuning

While remapping the car one thing which you should keep in concern is the working of clutch system. If the clutch system of your car is working properly then you will not face any issue with the performance of your, but in case if you are car is old then it would be better to replace the existing clutch system to enjoy flawless drive from your car after remapping it. Moving if there any other parts also which because of regular wear and tear are creating a problem then they should be equally replaced for enjoying smooth driving of your car.

One question which might arise in your mind while remapping the engine control unit (ECU) of your car that will it affect the insurance of your car? If this is your concern, then you need not have to worry because today going through the practice of remapping insurance companies have provision regarding this practice and remapping doesn’t affect the insurance of your car.

It would be interested to know that going through the increasing practice of engine remapping now days various manufacturers across the world have started offering remapping chip online to the car enthusiast willing to remap their car for better performance. This chip can be fixed on the on board diagnostic port and the person with adequate knowledge can himself remap the engine of his car. In case he is a novice then these manufacturers have their experts located in different corners across the world to assist their clients in remapping their vehicles.

Car Tracking | Amber Connect

Keep Secret Eye On Driving Habits Of Your Teens With Car Tracking Device !

Teen age is that period of life where every teen age wants to fly without any restrictions but as they do not have feathers to make this dream come true they satisfy their desire of flying openly by driving the car parked at their home. This however is not less than playing with the fire, but as no parents can refuse their children from satisfying their desires of driving the car, they are compelled to hand over the keys of their car to children.

But on the other side they are extremely concerned about the safety their child and also about their vehicle and want some way through which they can keep themselves update about both of them. Interestingly going through the concern of such parents now days different types of car tracking devices are available in market that are helpful in satisfying their varied needs related with the safety of their children and also their car, while it is being driven by them. These tracking devices are similar to GPS (global positioning system) installed in top end variants of cars that are manufactured in current scenario.

GPS Car Tracking

The only difference between these tracking device and GPS device installed in car is that these devices can be controlled with help of an application installed in your Smartphone. To make use of these tracking devices you need to buy the same from any of the renowned manufacturer Amber Connect and get its application downloaded from play store and get this application connected with the device that is required to be installed at the on board diagnostic port of your car, and the follow the instructions for activating the same at your mobile.

Car Tracking

The gadget not only helps you in tracking the exact location of your car that is being driven by your teen aged son or daughter but also locate the time of their arrival back to home after they leave their college for home. Not only this, the device will also help you in knowing their driving skills and know at the points where they accelerated the speed or tried to overtake the fellow driver. It would be interested to know that these gadgets where at one side let the parents know about the location of their children while they are driving back to home, on the other side they also help the teens to let their parents in case if they found themselves caught in the situation where they feel the need of some help. To let their parents know about the trouble they need to keep the device in the glove box and from there it will start sending emergency signals to the parents.

In simple words it can be said that origin of car tracking device has emerged as the boon for parents who are concerned about the safety their children while they are driving a car in their absence.


Know the Mechanism of Exhaust of Your Car Before Tuning

Being a car enthusiast you must be well aware about the relevance of car tuning, which plays an important role in enjoying the smooth and powerful performance from your beloved car. But as you drive it regularly, it is imperative that there will be a decline in its performance and therefore, while it’s servicing you pay equal attention towards the tuning of your car.

As a general practice while tuning different components installed in the mechanism of your car are properly checked, upgraded and replaced with the new ones to offer enhanced performance from it. The Pulley is one such item that facilitates the smooth functioning of different parts integrated in the engine system of the car and plays an important role in offering appropriate tuning of your car.

Jagaur F Type Supercharger Pulley

Interestingly, today we have supercharger pulleys and upgraded supercharger pulleys available in the market that are helpful in bringing the tuning of your vehicle completely to the new level. Especially if you are an owner of any super car, then installing any of these pulley’s will not only make the tuning and remapping of the ECU more effective than earlier but will boost the power of your car to extreme levels. To install the new pulley you need not have to replace the supercharger of your car nor you need to make any huge modifications in its mechanism. The upgraded pulley can easily be mounted by removing the existing supercharger pulley. After installation the most noticeable factors will be improved power band, enhancement in throttle response.

As a general practice, there mainly two types of modified pulleys including the supercharger pulley with larger engine crank. The main object of these pulleys is to spin the supercharger little bit faster than standard speed.

Will the installation of modified and upgraded supercharger pulley affect the performance of the car’s engine or charger? Well an answer to this question in simple words is “NO” because you are just replacing the old pulley with the new one, that is developed to work in the same way but with more speed. The use of these supercharger pulleys can easily be activated on cars like Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Range Rover etc.

Installing The New Pulley:  Installing the new pulley is quite easy and with little smartness you can easily install it in your vehicle. However, for that you should keep the following factors in concern.

  1. It would be better to check the condition of new pulley that, are you are going to install, make sure that it is not broken from any side and also it is supplied with a warranty so that in case of any problem you can contact directly to its manufacturer.
  2. Now disconnect your car from the battery and get it cool for at-least two hours. Because, as the pulley is directly fits into the engine it is possible that the hot components of the engine might burn your hands. Disconnecting the battery from the car also protects the other chances of short circuit in other components.
  3. Now take out the screw from the fuse box and put it in front of supercharger belt and try to clamp it strongly across the pulley. Now remove the bolt holding the pulley and remove the pulley.
  4. Now after removing the old pulley makes use of sandpaper for cleaning the new pulley that you are going to install. Lubricate it along with other parts of the supercharger. This will help in smooth placing of the pulley.
  5. Now place the new pulley at the place of old pulley and again clam the supercharger belt and start tightening the bolt and press the pulley. Now install the belt and keep the fuse box back to its location and connect the battery and you are ready to move. But before you switch on the ignition of your car make sure that all the wires are properly connected, so as to avoid any chance of electric fuse.