Tune-up your fleet of vehicles for performance enhancement

If you are running a travel agency, you will have a number of vehicles from the different automakers to serve your clients well. And, at the same time, you will expect that your vehicle delivers efficient performance in any term whether it is power or fuel economy. To get better output from a vehicle, you need to service it regularly. But, if you want to get extraordinary performance, you have to take your vehicle for tuning its engine.

Nowadays, there are many garages that are providing the tuning services for a range of vehicles and offer an efficient service that makes the vehicle live long. Since taking care of each vehicle individually undoubtedly pushes the fleet owner towards additional investments. In all these circumstances won’t it be beneficial for the person to go for some collective measures which could at the same time be applied to all the vehicles and which equally improves their performance?

Economy Tuning

Interestingly, going through the concern of fleet operators nowadays trend of fleet tuning has gained huge popularity among the operators of different vehicles. The process of tuning is carried out at the same time by adopting the newly developed technique named “Blue Optimize”.

Blue Optimize: is recognized technology that is used for tuning the vehicles and enhancing their fuel efficiency? Developed by Viezu, the technology has succeeded in winning prestigious awards and is highly used for upgrading the performance of cars, trucks, and buses. The fleet tuning operators can tune vehicles from a range of 5,000 to 50,000 units at the same time to offer bespoke tuning solution to the fleet of your vehicles.

Benefits of Blue Optimization:
1. 15% of savings over fuel expenditure;
2. Zero percent emission by all vehicles;
3. No effect on warranty and actual value of vehicles’
4. No change in the mechanism of vehicles;
5. One time installation fee;
6. Instant fuel saving.

Why we need to tune vehicles: If your car runs on bumpy road conditions and driving under varied conditions there is also decline in its performance and it calls for tuning itself so that it can deliver the same performance as it had been giving earlier. Tuning is the process of rejuvenating the settings of car’s engine control unit by remapping, chip tuning or rewriting the settings with help of the software that is installed in an onboard diagnostic port of the car. And, for a range of vehicles, it is known as fleet tuning of the vehicles. During the tuning process, the new settings are written in accordance to requirements requested by the vehicle owner, resulting in improved power developing ability and fuel efficiency.



Explore Career in the Automotive World with ECU Remapping Training Courses

Being a computer savvy person you must be aware of the term software that is developed for the different type of computing tasks. But, have you ever thought that use of software can be used for determining the functionality of the car. At first, this might be quite surprising for you, but the cars that are manufactured post-2000 are developed by making use of computer software to determine the parameters of performance for deciding its fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency.

Viezu Classroom Training

It would not be wrong to say that the integration of computer software not only resulted in maintaining the performance of the car as a whole, but also required skilled technicians who are well versed with the use of the software for maintaining the car mechanism. Interestingly, going through this today there are different types of software are developed to determine the new standards of car functionality. The basic difference between the software that you use for computing purpose and for a car is that where the former is used for performing different types of commercial assignments, the later is used for changing the program that controls the performance of the vehicle.

Some of these software that are used by the car technicians for re-defining the parameters of any vehicle are referred below:

Alientech Software:
Learning the use of this software is beneficial for technicians with or without any type of technical knowledge. The course covers the use of Alientech Software for remapping the petrol and diesel engine. The students taking this course learn the process of creating new modified files that deliver the enhanced performance of the car according to the expectations of the car owner.

The alientech software training can be taken either by joining the classroom tutorials or by joining an online course, that is mainly organized for the students who are from other countries or who are not able to join the classes due to any reason.

Viezu Training Centre

An interesting feature of this course is that if you are not interested to learn the process of remapping the petrol engine then you can opt for the diesel remapping and vice versa.

Swiftec Training:
If you are rookie and willing to explore your career in the field of engine control unit remapping then undergoing the training of learning Swiftec software will help you in establishing your roots strongly in the automotive world. The course starts with an introduction of ECU remapping after which the students are taught the method of using the Swiftec software for remapping along with deactivations side of Swiftec.

Map 3D Course:
Whether you are a novice car technician or an experienced, this course is suitable for everyone willing to enhance his knowledge about car mechanism. After understanding the concept and method of remapping you will be able to find and add maps to your database, manually search the maps, tune the petrol NA and turbo engines accordingly.

Apart from above-mentioned software and different courses, there is huge fleet of other software and courses that helpful in exploring your knowledge about ECU remapping and car tuning.

Tuning can dynamically change the performance of the car empowered with TDi engine

When a person buys a car enriched with TDi engine his main objective is to enjoy high fuel efficiency and high power generation efficiency. It would not be wrong to say that the origin of TDi engine has played an important role in breaking the myth about poor power generation efficiency of the diesel car. Because today, if you move around you, will find that the cars developed by two leading German car manufacturers Volkswagen and BMW are highly acclaimed by lots of motorists across the world not only because of their fuel efficiency but also for their power generation efficiency.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that today going through the hike in the fuel prices at the jet dynamic speed, cars manufactured by these manufacturers are highly preferred by the car enthusiasts who are struggling with an increase in the fuel prices. Although, there few complaints regarding their performance, but interestingly in recent years there decline in the number of such issues. This is mainly because of different upgrades that are nowadays offered by the expert technicians which are helpful in enhancing the performance of these cars, both in terms of power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency.


To begin with let us start with TDi tuning, which generally refers either to upgrading the chip or tuning box. Upgrading any of these items results in improved fuel efficiency of the vehicle. If you are upgrading the chip then it would be simply removed with the new chip that is developed by the new program. Similarly, if you are upgrading the tuning box, then the technician will tune the settings of the engine control unit that is connected to the engine. The process involves manually changing the program of the ECU software placed under the onboard diagnostic port. Among both types of these options tuning the box is highly preferred by the motors due to versatile benefits offered by it. It is not only helpful in improving the fuel efficiency but easy to perform and the existing program can be easily installed back if the actual owner of the car sales back it to the second owner. It also does not affects the warranty of the vehicle.

Well, apart from this, another tuning option that is highly preferred by the motorists for improving the performance of their diesel car is upgrading the exhaust system. The aftermarket exhaust system is developed by making use of high defined stainless steel is helpful in throwing the hazardous gases in the more smoother way but do not damage quickly as compared to factory made exhaust system. There are lots of technicians who will either remove the muffler and resonator and install direct pipes for minimizing the limitations of the gas exhaust. This, however, do not much impact on the fuel efficiency but helps in improving the quality of the sound generated by the exhaust system and enhancing the life of an engine to a huge extent. The other option of upgrading the exhaust system is replacing the muffler with a new muffler, doing this slightly improves the performance of the vehicle, but incredibly minimizes the back pressure on the exhaust system.

One more interesting option that pertains to tuning the engine refers to upgrading the upgrading the air intake system. Doing this helpful in improvising the performance of TDI engines up-to 10% of its existing performance. Installing the new air intakes require small space and the incoming air is capable of occupying the whole space. The worth mentioning feature of upgrading the air-intake system is that it not only improves an overall performance of the vehicle but is quite cheaper than other mods of tuning the TDi engines. The only drawback of this system is that it is not available for all TDi cars.

Besides, these above-mentioned methods there are few more options that could help the car owners to enhance the performance of their car in a cost effective way and enjoy its drive for many years without any discomfort.

Engine Performance Tuning And The Benefits Attached To It

Are you a driving enthusiast? Do you crave for a vehicle that has exceptional power, handling, and precision? A lot of people wish so, but rare ones can actually experience the feeling. In order feel the real driving experience, it is better to consider scheduling performance tuning from a reliable garage that offers credible and up to the mark car maintenance services.

high performance exhaust systems

Along with the high-quality car exhaust performance tuning & parts, the car repair professionals ensure providing you with a range of incredible performance upgrades not only for your car engine but also for its suspension and steering etc. Here are some benefits listed for your knowledge that are attached to the car performance tuning:

  • Ensure proper maintenance: The procedure of performance tuning ensures that the components and the parts of your vehicle are properly maintained. During this, your technician will check with everything to make sure that the brakes, exhaust, steering, wheels and other parts are ready for all sorts of driving adventures.
  • Replace worn parts: Removing and replacing the parts of your engine that are not in proper working conditions. For instance air filters and spark plugs etc. once these essential components have been replaced, it’s the time your vehicle is ready to roll for all upcoming adventures.
  • Improve overall efficiency: The car exhaust performance tuning not only improves the horsepower and performance but also improves the overall efficiency of your vehicle. When you are seeking out for the best performance in terms of power and efficiency from your car, the expert engine performance tuning is the right and the best option for your needs.

For a better driving thrill, get the latest performance upgrades and you will be ready to tackle the road or the track. Hire expert and reliable services by the car repair professionals at Paramount Performance to make the most out of your vehicle.

Car Tuning Training for Technicians to Retain their Position in the Market

Undoubtedly you may be an experienced car technician running personal car servicing and repairing centre from the last few years in your locality. But, now suddenly there is a decline in your client base which is a surprising factor for you to believe. Because with changing time you have been regularly upgrading your service centre with new tools and equipments that are helpful in servicing different vehicles in lesser time. And the most surprising factor which disturbs you is that the new servicing centres are snatching your clients and enjoying huge profits.

Viezu Classroom Training

After deep research, the reason you find responsible behind your sudden failure is lack of knowledge about the latest car servicing techniques. At first instance this might be unbelievable for you as you had been in the business from many years. But when you try to intensively point the reason of your failure you will realize that the technicians are today’s generation are acquainted with the knowledge of car tuning which in recent years has emerged as one of the highly required services by the car owners visiting any car service centre.

Car tuning in the simple words may be defined as the process of rewriting the program installed in the software of engine control unit. With changing time the servicing of car has undergone vast changes and the whole mechanism of car is controlled through computers. As there decline in the performance of the car due to regular wear and tear it starts consuming more fuel and generate less power which adversely impacts the pocket of car owners. The expert technicians by making use of necessary software rewrite the program that is helpful in improving the fuel efficiency and power generation ability of the vehicle according to required norms.

To understand the process of rewriting the program of engine control unit they have to undergo necessary training which is referred as car tuning training. During the training these technicians are taught the appropriate methods of using the software and saving the new settings. The training session is organized separately for both gasoline and diesel engines. Interestingly today with regular hike in the prices of fuel across the world car there is huge demand for the technicians having the knowledge of tuning the engine control unit of the car.

Going through the increasing craze of car technicians and its relevance for car owners lots of technical institutes like Viezu Technical Academy are initiating different types of car tuning training courses that are depending upon the interest of students. As general practice 3 day and five day courses are mainly offered by the institutes the students willing to expertise in tuning of specific engine configuration is required to undergo 3 day training course determined for that particular engine. Whereas the students willing to explore their knowledge in tuning the both types of engine configuration have to undergo five day tuning course.

During the course the students are not only the methods of tuning the car engine but also given the cars for tuning their engine according to the knowledge gained by them. Doing this is helpuful in making them aware about the problems which they might face during their professional life.

I am sure after understanding the relevance of car tuning training course you will also take out time to get yourself versed with the process of tuning to retain your position in the market.

ECU Remapping: The holistic approach to enhance the performance of your vehicle

The increasing use of computers in every industry has made it easier for the people to accomplish their tasks related to that industry easily; interestingly car industry is not an exception to it. With changing time the mechanism of the car has undergone vast changes and now the functionality of different components installed in any vehicle are controlled through the software that is installed in the engine control unit of any vehicle. Engine control unit or ECU is basically an electric component which basically determines the performance of an engine and different parts associated with the engine through sensors.

A little change in the settings of the ECU software impacts the overall performance of a car and it either starts performing beyond its restricted level or below it. The process that is used for changing the settings of software installed in ECU is referred as ECU remapping. Here it would be interesting to know that remapping of the engine control unit can be carried on all types of vehicles whether they are old or new. Remapping the ECU is helpful in enhancing the performance of that particular vehicle whether it is fuel efficiency or power generation efficiency. Remapping remarkably improves the performance of any vehicle.

The necessity of ECU remapping: When a person buys a new car he is able to enjoy its performance as endorsed by the manufacturer. But as the car gets older there is the decline in its performance and the owner is not able to enjoy the performance as he had been enjoying at the time of its actual purchase. The decline in performance adversely impacts his pocket, especially when it comes to making payment for fuel, which gradually increases due to decline in the average. To get rid of this problem a persona adopts different tactics which are helpful in minimizing his bills on fuel. Interestingly remapping the engine control unit facilitates him to get the program of software re-written according to his requirements to enjoy the improved performance of his vehicle.
maxresdefault (1)
Well, this was about the car owners suffering from the problem of decline in the performance of their vehicle. But there is one more segment of the car owners who get the process of remapping the ECU accomplished on the newly purchased vehicle to enjoy its enhanced performance. This is quite surprising for every person. Surprisingly an answer to this question is due to the smartness of car manufacturers who restrict the performance of newly launched vehicle according to the driving conditions prevailing in particular country. Going through this restriction the owners of expensive vehicles are not able to enjoy the actual performance of the vehicle, which has grabbed their attention.

Therefore, going through this necessity these owners get the setting of ECU rewritten according to their requirements so that they are able to enjoy the hidden powers of their beloved vehicle.

From where to get the ECU remapping carried out in your car: Today going through the increasing practice of remapping the ECU there are lots of groups like VIEZU that offer the service of remapping to the vehicle owners struggling from the performance of their vehicle. These groups have a team of expert mechanics who carry the vast experience of remapping different types of vehicles whether they are empowered with the gasoline engine, diesel engine or turbo engines. Depending on their knowledge these experts carry out the whole process at the prices that is affordable to vehicle owners.

All You Need To Know About Supercharged And Turbocharged Engines

Are you preparing yourself to be well on the race track? If yes, then you should be well-aware with your engine and get it checked by an expert mechanic so as to ensure that your car matches the standards of vehicles under the high-performance category. The growling motors whizz around the tight turns and when it comes to discussing engines, there are two terms that tumble around the high-performing realm are- supercharged and turbocharged.

Forced induction

The turbochargers and superchargers are the two prominent types of forced induction systems. The term ‘forced induction’ refers to the way in which the air flowing into the engine is compressed upon entry.

Jaguar Xk 5.0 tuning and supercharger pulley package

What creates more power in the tiny explosions?

When the air takes up a less space in the motor, there is a room for more air to come in each cylinder and more fuel can further be added to the mixture. This is all that produces more power in each of the tiny explosions.

Superchargers charge from within- here’s how? The superchargers and its pulley make forced induction happen through a belt that is rigged up directly to the engine’s crankshaft. When the engine’s cycle starts, the belt in the engines activates or updates the supercharger pulley, that is connected to a drive gear triggering compressor gear. This speedy chain reaction achieves super packed engine air in an instant.

jaguar supercharger reconditioned

Turbocharged approach: The turbochargers do not exactly rely on any internal component to activate the elevated air compression within the car engine.

Turbocharger and Supercharger: Pros and cons

  • Efficiency: The turbochargers can boost both the speed and the efficiency of the engine, by using a by-product of the exhaust that would otherwise go unused. While superchargers, on the other hand, impact efficiency in the opposite way as they are entangled in the engine’s internal functions. The superchargers believe in engine’s power to boost its power which brings down overall efficiency.
  • Power delivery: When it comes to power delivery, superchargers take the game. The modified supercharger pulleys are known for their instantaneous power boost without the lag time, whereas the turbochargers require that lag time in order to provide a noticeable fit.