The regular hike in the fuel prices is creating the lines of tension on the forehead of the car owners in the current scenario, that they are finding the options like car pooling, no vehicle day, etc to combat with the problem, across the world. Well, all these problems are undoubtedly helpful in catering the problem to some extent, but still cannot emerge as an appropriate solution to the issue. Because, there are times when it becomes imperative for a person to drive his personal vehicle, moreover, you will also agree that driving a personal vehicle has its own privileges, especially leaving a mind-blowing impression on others if a person owns some luxurious car.

So, now the question arises, that is it possible to get rid of this problem at an affordable price and can a person drive his personal car without any concern of hike in the fuel prices. Interestingly, an answer to this question in simple words is “Yes”. By remapping the engine control unit or ECU of your car a person can not only enjoy the privilege of an improved fuel economy but also an enhancement in its performance in terms of power generation efficiency. It would be interesting to know that nowadays there are lots of car enthusiasts who are enjoying the benefits of this method.

The process simple starts with remapping or rewriting the program installed in the engine control unit of the car. The ECU can be considered as the heart of your car that controls the working all the components including the engine and parts associated with it through sensors. These components include air intake system, exhaust system, settings of ignition, braking, and clutch system and other components. The computer program determines the performance of all these components with the help of computer-controlled software. There are lots of remapping centres like Viezu that offer the service of remapping the ECU depending upon the expectations of the car owner.

Now, the question arise in your mind that how much improvement can I expect by adopting this process? An answer to this question is that this mainly depends upon the existing condition of the engine installed in your car, if the engine of your car has been smashed in an accident or you had been driving your car by putting an extra pressure on its engine, then undoubtedly the improvement will be less, but in case if the condition of the engine is quite good, then without any second thoughts the result will be encouraging.

But, still, one thing which could be promisingly said about engine remapping is that it will definitely let you enjoy the privilege of driving your personal car without any concern of hike in fuel prices.

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Undergo the Training of WinOLS Software to Become an Expert Car Tuner

Today, computer has become an integral part of our day to day activities that we can not imagine how our life had been without it. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that there is hardly any task where the need of a computer savvy person is not required. But, have you ever thought the computers may be used for controlling the performance of your car or in other words, have you ever imagined the car technicians making of software for determining the mechanism of your car.

EVC WinOLS Training

Interestingly, your reply will be definitely “No”. Because since our childhood we had seen car technicians making use of screwdrivers, drilling machines and different tools for repairing, replacing and other tasks. Well, this method was mainly conducted on cars that were manufactured before the year 2000 and even today the same process is applied on such cars. But, then came a dynamic change in the manufacturing techniques of car and use of device enriched with software made its entrance in the world of car mechanism, thus, making entrance of computer literate technicians for controlling the functionality of various components installed under the bonnet.

Going through this requirement, different types of software have been now-a-days developed by the technical institutes that are helpful in carrying the different types of mechanical tasks easily and within the short span of time. The worth mentioning feature of different software used for this purpose is that all of them are user friendly, and some of them are even suitable for the technicians who are novice and willing to explore their career in the field of car mechanism.

WinOLS software is one such software that is helpful in tuning engine control unit installed in car, closed to on-board diagnostic port. By making use of the software the technicians are able to search and find the maps installed in software configured in the ECU. The maps can be edited, formatted and renamed with new identity in the format that is helpful in enhancing the performance of a vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency and power generation. There are different methods by which each file can be modified and saved. Every file that is installed in existing software is known as project and the changes done to that project are known as version.

There are different types of courses initiated by the institutes for the students willing to work as car technician. The major courses offered to learn the use of WinOLS software are:

  1. 3 day course of gasoline engine
  2. 3 day course for diesel engine and
  3. 5 day combined course for diesel and gasoline engine.

Depending upon their interest, the students can enroll in these courses and learn the process of car tuning.

Enhance the power of your Audi by simply tuning it

Audi is already recognized for manufacturing power packed and performance delivering cars. But, still, there are lots of Audi owners who are not satisfied from its existing performance and still search for the options that are helpful in making their beloved car the best illustration of power and performance merged in one unit. Going through the concern of such enthusiasts there are some modifications that are helpful in satisfying their expectations.

Tuning the software installed in the engine control unit of the car in recent years has come out as the simplest methods for improving the performance of any vehicle and interestingly Audi tuning is not an exception to it. There are various renowned technicians like Viezu, that offer the facility of tuning the entire of Audi cars including A4, S3, A5, TT, RS6, R8, Q7 and A3 according to their expectations. Let us now focus on these options.


Increasing the power of an engine: The most important aspect for improving the performance of any vehicle is modifying its engine and from that point of view it would be first better to modify the engine configuration of your Audi car. This is done by simply remapping the software installed in the engine control unit of your car. An expert technician will simply install a new software by re-writing its parameters that are helpful in enhancing its power and fuel efficiency figures. Remapping the engine results in the smooth flow of air and fuel according to new parameters resulting in improved performance.

Upgrading the air intake system and exhaust system: Upgrading the air intake system is also a great idea to not only improve the performance of your car but also enhancing the life of the engine. The air intake system inhales the pure air and forwards it smoothly to the engine, thus enhancing its life. Along with this upgrading, the existing exhaust system with the new one is again helpful in increasing the performance of an engine by throwing hazardous gases instantly without any interruption.

Working on Suspension System: The most common problem from which most of the Audi owners suffer is the integration of soft suspension system that is not according to the mechanism of such powerful cars, due to which it is sometimes it is difficult to handle these cars smoothly. Interestingly, installing the improved suspension system will help in improving the performance of the car to the huge extent.

Apart from above-mentioned suggestions, there are various other factors like upgrading the braking system, wheels, ignition system etc are few more aspects which could help in enhancing the performance of your Audi according to your expectations.

Key things to know for your car exhaust

The exhaust system of a car plays a vital role in the entire performance of the vehicle and it is one such factor that a lot of people do not even give it a credit for. You might not have realized it ever, but the exhaust system has to do everything with your vehicle, even it plays a important role in determining how fuel efficient your vehicle is. Not only it is important for your safety but is also very much helpful in protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

Exhaust’s role is to carry out the emissions away from the combustion chamber wherein air and fuel are burned creating gases. There are though various parts to the car system and if any one of them fails, your car can be very much dangerous to you, the environment and of course your wallet. Therefore it is imperative for you to consider the proper working of various parts other than Aston Martin exhaust, such as catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, muffler, exhaust pipe and the oxygen sensor etc.

Aston Martin Tuning Exhaust Viezu

Bad vibrations- A sudden vibration in a vehicle indicates an issue with its exhaust system. These issues can be a leakage if gas pedal and/or steering wheel is shaking, but if in case the leakage is big enough the entire car might shudder. This is the indication of severe risk adjoined to your car that can further impact the ability to steer and control your vehicle’s safety.

 Loud noises- Whenever you hear sounds like knocking, clunking, wheezing or whispering coming out of your car, this might be some sort of indication you being in trouble. A part of the exhaust system is kept busy in running your vehicle quietly, and if you get to hear  a lot of engine noise all of a sudden then the problem is likely somewhere in exhaust. Look for an expert technician or a garage nearby to get these issues with your vehicle fixed.

Keep in consideration these factors listed above and also ensure checking whether there is any kind of drop in fuel efficiency or your vehicle is producing any kind of colored smokes. For your Aston Martin exhaust, it is imperative for you to keep up the condition of your vehicle at its best. Schedule regular and timely visits to the garage so as to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Tune-up your fleet of vehicles for performance enhancement

If you are running a travel agency, you will have a number of vehicles from the different automakers to serve your clients well. And, at the same time, you will expect that your vehicle delivers efficient performance in any term whether it is power or fuel economy. To get better output from a vehicle, you need to service it regularly. But, if you want to get extraordinary performance, you have to take your vehicle for tuning its engine.

Nowadays, there are many garages that are providing the tuning services for a range of vehicles and offer an efficient service that makes the vehicle live long. Since taking care of each vehicle individually undoubtedly pushes the fleet owner towards additional investments. In all these circumstances won’t it be beneficial for the person to go for some collective measures which could at the same time be applied to all the vehicles and which equally improves their performance?

Economy Tuning

Interestingly, going through the concern of fleet operators nowadays trend of fleet tuning has gained huge popularity among the operators of different vehicles. The process of tuning is carried out at the same time by adopting the newly developed technique named “Blue Optimize”.

Blue Optimize: is recognized technology that is used for tuning the vehicles and enhancing their fuel efficiency? Developed by Viezu, the technology has succeeded in winning prestigious awards and is highly used for upgrading the performance of cars, trucks, and buses. The fleet tuning operators can tune vehicles from a range of 5,000 to 50,000 units at the same time to offer bespoke tuning solution to the fleet of your vehicles.

Benefits of Blue Optimization:
1. 15% of savings over fuel expenditure;
2. Zero percent emission by all vehicles;
3. No effect on warranty and actual value of vehicles’
4. No change in the mechanism of vehicles;
5. One time installation fee;
6. Instant fuel saving.

Why we need to tune vehicles: If your car runs on bumpy road conditions and driving under varied conditions there is also decline in its performance and it calls for tuning itself so that it can deliver the same performance as it had been giving earlier. Tuning is the process of rejuvenating the settings of car’s engine control unit by remapping, chip tuning or rewriting the settings with help of the software that is installed in an onboard diagnostic port of the car. And, for a range of vehicles, it is known as fleet tuning of the vehicles. During the tuning process, the new settings are written in accordance to requirements requested by the vehicle owner, resulting in improved power developing ability and fuel efficiency.


Explore Career in the Automotive World with ECU Remapping Training Courses

Being a computer savvy person you must be aware of the term software that is developed for the different type of computing tasks. But, have you ever thought that use of software can be used for determining the functionality of the car. At first, this might be quite surprising for you, but the cars that are manufactured post-2000 are developed by making use of computer software to determine the parameters of performance for deciding its fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency.

Viezu Classroom Training

It would not be wrong to say that the integration of computer software not only resulted in maintaining the performance of the car as a whole, but also required skilled technicians who are well versed with the use of the software for maintaining the car mechanism. Interestingly, going through this today there are different types of software are developed to determine the new standards of car functionality. The basic difference between the software that you use for computing purpose and for a car is that where the former is used for performing different types of commercial assignments, the later is used for changing the program that controls the performance of the vehicle.

Some of these software that are used by the car technicians for re-defining the parameters of any vehicle are referred below:

Alientech Software:
Learning the use of this software is beneficial for technicians with or without any type of technical knowledge. The course covers the use of Alientech Software for remapping the petrol and diesel engine. The students taking this course learn the process of creating new modified files that deliver the enhanced performance of the car according to the expectations of the car owner.

The alientech software training can be taken either by joining the classroom tutorials or by joining an online course, that is mainly organized for the students who are from other countries or who are not able to join the classes due to any reason.

Viezu Training Centre

An interesting feature of this course is that if you are not interested to learn the process of remapping the petrol engine then you can opt for the diesel remapping and vice versa.

Swiftec Training:
If you are rookie and willing to explore your career in the field of engine control unit remapping then undergoing the training of learning Swiftec software will help you in establishing your roots strongly in the automotive world. The course starts with an introduction of ECU remapping after which the students are taught the method of using the Swiftec software for remapping along with deactivations side of Swiftec.

Map 3D Course:
Whether you are a novice car technician or an experienced, this course is suitable for everyone willing to enhance his knowledge about car mechanism. After understanding the concept and method of remapping you will be able to find and add maps to your database, manually search the maps, tune the petrol NA and turbo engines accordingly.

Apart from above-mentioned software and different courses, there is huge fleet of other software and courses that helpful in exploring your knowledge about ECU remapping and car tuning.

Tuning can dynamically change the performance of the car empowered with TDi engine

When a person buys a car enriched with TDi engine his main objective is to enjoy high fuel efficiency and high power generation efficiency. It would not be wrong to say that the origin of TDi engine has played an important role in breaking the myth about poor power generation efficiency of the diesel car. Because today, if you move around you, will find that the cars developed by two leading German car manufacturers Volkswagen and BMW are highly acclaimed by lots of motorists across the world not only because of their fuel efficiency but also for their power generation efficiency.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that today going through the hike in the fuel prices at the jet dynamic speed, cars manufactured by these manufacturers are highly preferred by the car enthusiasts who are struggling with an increase in the fuel prices. Although, there few complaints regarding their performance, but interestingly in recent years there decline in the number of such issues. This is mainly because of different upgrades that are nowadays offered by the expert technicians which are helpful in enhancing the performance of these cars, both in terms of power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency.


To begin with let us start with TDi tuning, which generally refers either to upgrading the chip or tuning box. Upgrading any of these items results in improved fuel efficiency of the vehicle. If you are upgrading the chip then it would be simply removed with the new chip that is developed by the new program. Similarly, if you are upgrading the tuning box, then the technician will tune the settings of the engine control unit that is connected to the engine. The process involves manually changing the program of the ECU software placed under the onboard diagnostic port. Among both types of these options tuning the box is highly preferred by the motors due to versatile benefits offered by it. It is not only helpful in improving the fuel efficiency but easy to perform and the existing program can be easily installed back if the actual owner of the car sales back it to the second owner. It also does not affects the warranty of the vehicle.

Well, apart from this, another tuning option that is highly preferred by the motorists for improving the performance of their diesel car is upgrading the exhaust system. The aftermarket exhaust system is developed by making use of high defined stainless steel is helpful in throwing the hazardous gases in the more smoother way but do not damage quickly as compared to factory made exhaust system. There are lots of technicians who will either remove the muffler and resonator and install direct pipes for minimizing the limitations of the gas exhaust. This, however, do not much impact on the fuel efficiency but helps in improving the quality of the sound generated by the exhaust system and enhancing the life of an engine to a huge extent. The other option of upgrading the exhaust system is replacing the muffler with a new muffler, doing this slightly improves the performance of the vehicle, but incredibly minimizes the back pressure on the exhaust system.

One more interesting option that pertains to tuning the engine refers to upgrading the upgrading the air intake system. Doing this helpful in improvising the performance of TDI engines up-to 10% of its existing performance. Installing the new air intakes require small space and the incoming air is capable of occupying the whole space. The worth mentioning feature of upgrading the air-intake system is that it not only improves an overall performance of the vehicle but is quite cheaper than other mods of tuning the TDi engines. The only drawback of this system is that it is not available for all TDi cars.

Besides, these above-mentioned methods there are few more options that could help the car owners to enhance the performance of their car in a cost effective way and enjoy its drive for many years without any discomfort.