Tune the Engine of Your Car to Improve Fuel Efficiency Figures

Chip TuningThe problem of fuel efficiency has troubled all the car owners across the world and increasing price of fuel has further acted like putting the drop of petrol in the fire. Going through this problem car enthusiasts are adopting different methods like minimizing the weekend trips, adopting the policy of no vehicle day, car pooling etc to minimize their fuel expenditure. On the contrary getting the engine of car tuned can offer them fruitful results.

This might surprise to most of car enthusiasts but there is lots of potential hidden inside your car which can be helpful in enhancing its power and performance by tuning the engine of your car. Now the question arises that what are the methods which could help in enhancing the fuel efficiency of the car with tuning. Well before discussing those methods let us point out an important which plays an important in affecting the fuel efficiency of your car. To track that factor you should make sure that your car is running according to determined parameters or not.

For that it would be better to get the mechanism of your checked by an expert mechanic to check whether there is smooth flow of fuel towards engine or not. Along with this you should also try to detect the loops in your driving habits like keeping the clutch of continuously pressed while driving, switching on the air conditioner at different stops etc. All these driving habits are quite enough to affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle to huge extent.

How tuning can improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle?

There is myth among lots of car owners that replacing the existing engine with powerful engine will help in improving the fuel efficiency. But surprisingly it is like hitting yourself with your gun, because by integrating powerful engine our engine burns more fuel and inhales more air resulting in high fuel consumption on the contrary low power results in improved fuel efficiency. Therefore to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by tuning it would be better to enhance the combustion system of an engine delivering the fuel efficiency and improving the performance of the engine.

Ferrari 458 Racing ECURemapping

Installing the light weighted flywheel can also be the good option to improve the efficiency of fuel by minimizing the rotational speed of the engine. However this technique will be favorable only during the condition when you drive your car for short distances because going for long drives and driving across the hilly areas will result in increased fuel consumption.

So now if you are also suffering from the problem of low fuel efficiency get the engine of your car tuned by an expert mechanic and enjoy flawless drive of your car without making any strategy.

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Keep Secret Eye On Driving Habits Of Your Teens With Car Tracking Device !

Teen age is that period of life where every teen age wants to fly without any restrictions but as they do not have feathers to make this dream come true they satisfy their desire of flying openly by driving the car parked at their home. This however is not less than playing with the fire, but as no parents can refuse their children from satisfying their desires of driving the car, they are compelled to hand over the keys of their car to children.

But on the other side they are extremely concerned about the safety their child and also about their vehicle and want some way through which they can keep themselves update about both of them. Interestingly going through the concern of such parents now days different types of car tracking devices are available in market that are helpful in satisfying their varied needs related with the safety of their children and also their car, while it is being driven by them. These tracking devices are similar to GPS (global positioning system) installed in top end variants of cars that are manufactured in current scenario.

GPS Car Tracking

The only difference between these tracking device and GPS device installed in car is that these devices can be controlled with help of an application installed in your Smartphone. To make use of these tracking devices you need to buy the same from any of the renowned manufacturer Amber Connect and get its application downloaded from play store and get this application connected with the device that is required to be installed at the on board diagnostic port of your car, and the follow the instructions for activating the same at your mobile.

Car Tracking

The gadget not only helps you in tracking the exact location of your car that is being driven by your teen aged son or daughter but also locate the time of their arrival back to home after they leave their college for home. Not only this, the device will also help you in knowing their driving skills and know at the points where they accelerated the speed or tried to overtake the fellow driver. It would be interested to know that these gadgets where at one side let the parents know about the location of their children while they are driving back to home, on the other side they also help the teens to let their parents in case if they found themselves caught in the situation where they feel the need of some help. To let their parents know about the trouble they need to keep the device in the glove box and from there it will start sending emergency signals to the parents.

In simple words it can be said that origin of car tracking device has emerged as the boon for parents who are concerned about the safety their children while they are driving a car in their absence.