Explore Career in the Automotive World with ECU Remapping Training Courses

Being a computer savvy person you must be aware of the term software that is developed for the different type of computing tasks. But, have you ever thought that use of software can be used for determining the functionality of the car. At first, this might be quite surprising for you, but the cars that are manufactured post-2000 are developed by making use of computer software to determine the parameters of performance for deciding its fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency.

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It would not be wrong to say that the integration of computer software not only resulted in maintaining the performance of the car as a whole, but also required skilled technicians who are well versed with the use of the software for maintaining the car mechanism. Interestingly, going through this today there are different types of software are developed to determine the new standards of car functionality. The basic difference between the software that you use for computing purpose and for a car is that where the former is used for performing different types of commercial assignments, the later is used for changing the program that controls the performance of the vehicle.

Some of these software that are used by the car technicians for re-defining the parameters of any vehicle are referred below:

Alientech Software:
Learning the use of this software is beneficial for technicians with or without any type of technical knowledge. The course covers the use of Alientech Software for remapping the petrol and diesel engine. The students taking this course learn the process of creating new modified files that deliver the enhanced performance of the car according to the expectations of the car owner.

The alientech software training can be taken either by joining the classroom tutorials or by joining an online course, that is mainly organized for the students who are from other countries or who are not able to join the classes due to any reason.

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An interesting feature of this course is that if you are not interested to learn the process of remapping the petrol engine then you can opt for the diesel remapping and vice versa.

Swiftec Training:
If you are rookie and willing to explore your career in the field of engine control unit remapping then undergoing the training of learning Swiftec software will help you in establishing your roots strongly in the automotive world. The course starts with an introduction of ECU remapping after which the students are taught the method of using the Swiftec software for remapping along with deactivations side of Swiftec.

Map 3D Course:
Whether you are a novice car technician or an experienced, this course is suitable for everyone willing to enhance his knowledge about car mechanism. After understanding the concept and method of remapping you will be able to find and add maps to your database, manually search the maps, tune the petrol NA and turbo engines accordingly.

Apart from above-mentioned software and different courses, there is huge fleet of other software and courses that helpful in exploring your knowledge about ECU remapping and car tuning.


How to Identify that Your Volkswagen Car Needs Chip Tuning?

Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Tiguan etc are not only the names of cars manufactured by the German car maker Volkswagen but these are cars which are best illustrations of power and performance merged in one unit. But as depreciation is the nature of every machine similarly car machinery is not an exception to it and there is decline in its working efficiency despite of how powerful it has been made by the maker.

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Interestingly as the performance of every machine is enhanced by undergoing its repairing and replacing the defective parts similarly performance of the car is also enhanced by simply tuning its chip and other machines responsible for its high performance. But the problem with most of the car owners is that they are not able to recognize the decline in the performance of their car and keep on paying high bills for its maintenance, whereas the fact is that as chip tuning is helpful in enhancing the performance of other cars similarly getting the chip tuning of your Volkswagen car can dynamically improve its performance according to your expectations.

Therefore despite of discussing the benefits and methods of chip tuning let us today point out the symptoms which indicate that your Volkswagen car also needs chip tuning, because being a layman it is difficult for the car owners to recognize those symptoms:

  1. Visiting fuel filling stations frequently: If despite of driving the car on same route you have to fill fuel quite instantly as compared to earlier then it is an indication that your car consuming more fuel and there is decline in its fuel efficiency. This problem might be due to poor fuel injectors, poor fuel filter and spark plugs etc.
  2. Decline in the performance of brakes: Brakes play an important role in retaining your control over your car, if you notice problem in applying brakes or they do not response quickly according to your actions then also it is an indication that your car needs chip tuning. T his problem might rise due to lack of brake oil or failing of brake pads.
  3. Irritating sounds coming from the car: If you notice some irritating sounds coming from your car it is better to get them checked quickly despite of ignoring them. Sounds of knocking or squealing clearly reveal that there is problem either with the engine or there is leakage from some parts of your car.
  4. Starting problems: If you notice problem in switching on your car then also it is an indication that you need to tune-up your car. This problem might take place due to failing intake valves, problem with fuel injection system, ignition problem, etc.

So next time if you notice any of the such problems in your car without wasting the time visit to your nearest car servicing centre and get the issue rectified .

Alientech Training: Dedicated for all Aspiring Car Mechanics

Alientech TrainingIn recent years, trend of tuning the engine control unit of cars had gained huge popularity among the owners of cars due to plethora of benefits enjoyed by it. Going through this practice lots of car owners are visiting car repairing centres to tune their car. But, tuning the ECU is not as easy process and a little mistake is quite enough to damage the whole mechanism of the vehicle and therefore the whole process should be carried out by an expert. Because, today with change in the techniques of production manufacturing of car has undergone vast changes and use of computer has made its entrance in determining the functioning of different components installed under the bonnet.

And, therefore as without knowledge you cannot work on the computer system similarly to carry out the task of tuning it is imperative for the mechanic to undergo necessary training before adding the service of car tuning in the menu of services offered by him. Therefore, keeping the requirements of skilled mechanics in concerned, now days different types of engine control tuning courses are initiated by various technical institutions.

Viezu Training Centre

Offered by Viezu, the Alientech ECM Titanium training course is one such course that will help in aspiring mechanics to learn the process of tuning the both gasoline and diesel engines that are installed in all types of vehicles. There are different types of Alientech training courses offered by the institute in the form of 1 day, 3 days and 5 days session. Interestingly the short course of five days will not only let the aspiring mechanics to get themselves acquainted with the proper knowledge of tuning and remapping the engine and the software but will also change their destiny by enhancing the income of their business to new levels.

The worth mentioning feature of training course offered by Viezu is that here the students are not only educated by sitting in front of their laptop but also given the practical knowledge of using the Alientech tuning software while tuning the car. This practical knowledge is helpful to students in understanding the problems which they might feel while tuning any car independently. For this each student is provided separate dynamometer to tune the cars so as to enhance their confidence and also to analyze their knowledge.

What Is The Worth Of Remapping A Car?

Most of you must know that the power and fuel economy of your car can be boosted in a short span of time simply by altering the settings on the engine control unit. This process is termed as ‘remapping’.

Everything has its own pros and cons and it is necessary to consider a few things in advance before purchasing a remap for your beloved car. On the other side, remapping is all the rage among the petrol heads. The ECU remap is worthwhile because of the following stated reasons:


  • Car control: ECU is an abbreviation for the term engine control unit. It is basically a computer that has all the controlling powers that help and restricts a car engine in its working. The default settings aren’t going to work everywhere; the manufacturers have to adjust the settings depending on the climate conditions, fuel qualities and the laws while programming the software.
  • Speed and power: The successful results of remapping are the immediate improvements in the speed and power of your car. Many times the technicians or the remappers even claim an increase in the horsepower and in the torque up to a great extent.
  • Lifetime warranty: Damage can happen anytime and anywhere, but damage to an engine is very rare. Therefore it is necessary to always consider getting services from a reputable firm to carry out the remapping process and prefer hiring services of a firm that offers a lifetime warranty on the software used for the engine control unit.
  • Enhanced performance: Remapping or the rolling road tuning helps a vehicle to perform better. Remapping helps in making most out of your car by overwriting the ECU’s default settings with new software which can be programmed in such a manner that it enhances the overall performance of the car.

Remapping is fundamentally changing your car without actually changing it. In simple words, remapping is termed as modifications as it brings some alterations to your car that isn’t visible though. Always look for credible service providers to get your car remapped.

Improve Performance of Audi Cars with Chip Tuning

Despite of the fact that Audi Cars are recognized for their power and performance there is still lots of potential hidden in them which is not recognized by the normal car drivers and known only the people having vast knowledge about car mechanism. Now this might make you feel cheated by your dealer for delivering the car which is not able to deliver its actual power and performance. Well, before you make any wrong assumption about your car dealer, let me make you clear that this problem is not only with your car but in all the cars that are manufactured by the Audi but in-fact by all the car manufacturers across the word.

Audi S5 Tuning, Audi S5 remap, Audi S5 Chip Tuning Viezu

Surprisingly, this is mainly because of the normal driving standards prevailing conditions throughout the world which restricts the car manufacturers to launch their car by restricting the power parameters below their actual efficiency. Going through this issue the car owners are not able to enjoy the original power and performance of their car. But now the question arises that how the actual power can be utilized by the owners of these cars?

Interestingly, an answer to this question is by tuning the chip of car and from that point Chip tuning of Audi cars are not an exception to it. It would be interested to know that chip tuning not only enhances the power and performance of the car but also do not affects guarantee and insurance of the car. Apart from this if you are not satisfied from the results achieved by the operation than you can return back to original settings of your car.

Audi ECU Remap

Chip tuning modifies the parameters of the engine control unit that is installed in the car. Modifying the parameters help in extracting the new parameters that are helpful in boosting the power and fuel efficiency of the car. Today the mechanism of the car is determined by the computer program that is installed in the engine control unit of the car, installing the new with newly determined parameters improves the power of the car.

Tune the Engine of Your Car to Improve Fuel Efficiency Figures

Chip TuningThe problem of fuel efficiency has troubled all the car owners across the world and increasing price of fuel has further acted like putting the drop of petrol in the fire. Going through this problem car enthusiasts are adopting different methods like minimizing the weekend trips, adopting the policy of no vehicle day, car pooling etc to minimize their fuel expenditure. On the contrary getting the engine of car tuned can offer them fruitful results.

This might surprise to most of car enthusiasts but there is lots of potential hidden inside your car which can be helpful in enhancing its power and performance by tuning the engine of your car. Now the question arises that what are the methods which could help in enhancing the fuel efficiency of the car with tuning. Well before discussing those methods let us point out an important which plays an important in affecting the fuel efficiency of your car. To track that factor you should make sure that your car is running according to determined parameters or not.

For that it would be better to get the mechanism of your checked by an expert mechanic to check whether there is smooth flow of fuel towards engine or not. Along with this you should also try to detect the loops in your driving habits like keeping the clutch of continuously pressed while driving, switching on the air conditioner at different stops etc. All these driving habits are quite enough to affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle to huge extent.

How tuning can improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle?

There is myth among lots of car owners that replacing the existing engine with powerful engine will help in improving the fuel efficiency. But surprisingly it is like hitting yourself with your gun, because by integrating powerful engine our engine burns more fuel and inhales more air resulting in high fuel consumption on the contrary low power results in improved fuel efficiency. Therefore to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by tuning it would be better to enhance the combustion system of an engine delivering the fuel efficiency and improving the performance of the engine.

Ferrari 458 Racing ECURemapping

Installing the light weighted flywheel can also be the good option to improve the efficiency of fuel by minimizing the rotational speed of the engine. However this technique will be favorable only during the condition when you drive your car for short distances because going for long drives and driving across the hilly areas will result in increased fuel consumption.

So now if you are also suffering from the problem of low fuel efficiency get the engine of your car tuned by an expert mechanic and enjoy flawless drive of your car without making any strategy.

Tuning Can Boost the Performance of Your Diesel Car

Diesel Car TuningWhen a person decides to buy a car of his choice his main objective is to buy the car that is not only enriched with contemporary features but is also cost effective and delivers healthy fuel efficiency. And, therefore going through this requirement lots of people prefer to buy a diesel car, because it satisfies their all expectations which they expect from their vehicle. But, the engine of diesel car makes extra sound while driving, the power generation and torque efficiency of these cars is comparatively lower than petrol cars, the acceleration speed is also lower. In simple words, it can be said that driving a diesel car although satisfies your varied driving needs but on the other side you also have to struggle with different performance parameters.

Interestingly, all these problems have now become the tales of yester years as today tuning the diesel car can dramatically boost the performance of your tired diesel car and that also at the terms and conditions that you feel suitable for you. In recent modifying, the software installed in the engine control unit to determine the performance of fuel injection vehicles has emerged as the simplest methods of diesel cars tuning. The main objective of ECU is to look after the every activity performed by the engine reply to instructions received from different sensors.

Car Tuning, Engine Tuning and ECU Remapping

The software installed in the ECU determines the fuel efficiency of the diesel car by making an appropriate timing of fuel transition between the engine so that it operates smoothly at different rotations per minute and delivers normal emission level. The diesel engine developed few years back had ECU installed on a computer chip. But the diesel engines developed today have in-built ECUs which can be accessed through on-board diagnostic port.

Today with help of Blue Optimize technique the tuning and remapping of diesel engine can be performed within the span of an hour. The technique of blue optimization makes use of diesel particulate filter deletion and tuning. This however is illegal in some of the countries but in countries where it is legal diesel car owners are getting their cars tuned by this technique.

Getting the diesel car tuned by an experienced mechanic will result in smooth engine performance that will produce more power and torque. Let us for instance if own an Audi car empowered with 2.0 litre generating the power of 140 BHP will develop the power of around 170 BHP after ECU remapping. This is just an illustration of an ECU tuning, depending upon the make of your car you can enjoy sufficient improvement in the performance of your car.