Upgrading and modification options available for Jaguar F Type and Land Rover Defender

Despite of the fact that Jaguar F Type sports car and SUV Land Rover Defender from the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover are the best illustratious vehicles of their segment, still there are lots of their owners who are not satisfied with their appearance and performance. In other words, it can be said, they are always in search of such options which are helpful in enhancing both these aspects of these vehicles. If you also own any of these vehicles and willing modify them according to your desire, then there are lots of technicians and experts like Paramount Performance who could assist you in enhancing their aesthetics and performance , keeping your preference in concern.


Some of the common modifications associated with these vehicles are referred below:

Ceramic coating: You will agree that most fascinating feature of a sports car or a SUV is their exterior color which grabs the attention of the commuters at the first instance. Although, keeping this fact in concern, the automakers launch such vehicles with eye catching color paint, but, as the time passes, there is a decline in its shine. Going through this problem of the owners the expert technicians offer the service of Ceramic coating that is helpful in retaining its actual color for the long time. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say, that if you are willing to buy any of the used trim of these vehicles, then, applying the ceramic coating will be the first step of your Land Rover Defender Restoration project, that would be applied by your technician.

Exhaust system: An interesting feature of the sports car, apart from its looks and design, its roaring sound, that it generates while flying on the road. And, therefore, if you own a luxurious sports car Jaguar F Type, and willing to make it sound like a fighter than replacing its existing exhaust system with an aftermarket system is the best option to satisfy your demand. It would not be wrong to say that upgrading the F Type Exhaust is the simplest modification that along with enhancing the sound and appearance of your sports car will also help in enhancing its performance to a huge extent.


Interior: The restoration program for Land Rover Defender will comprise of upgrading the interior with new upholstery, door cards, carpet, dashboard, sunroof, sound proofing, seats, roof lining and many more.

Apart from these above mentioned options, there is a plethora of upgrading modifications both mechanical and aesthetical that are helpful in enhancing the driving experience of these vehicles at an affordable investment.

Key things to know for your car exhaust

The exhaust system of a car plays a vital role in the entire performance of the vehicle and it is one such factor that a lot of people do not even give it a credit for. You might not have realized it ever, but the exhaust system has to do everything with your vehicle, even it plays a important role in determining how fuel efficient your vehicle is. Not only it is important for your safety but is also very much helpful in protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

Exhaust’s role is to carry out the emissions away from the combustion chamber wherein air and fuel are burned creating gases. There are though various parts to the car system and if any one of them fails, your car can be very much dangerous to you, the environment and of course your wallet. Therefore it is imperative for you to consider the proper working of various parts other than Aston Martin exhaust, such as catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, muffler, exhaust pipe and the oxygen sensor etc.

Aston Martin Tuning Exhaust Viezu

Bad vibrations- A sudden vibration in a vehicle indicates an issue with its exhaust system. These issues can be a leakage if gas pedal and/or steering wheel is shaking, but if in case the leakage is big enough the entire car might shudder. This is the indication of severe risk adjoined to your car that can further impact the ability to steer and control your vehicle’s safety.

 Loud noises- Whenever you hear sounds like knocking, clunking, wheezing or whispering coming out of your car, this might be some sort of indication you being in trouble. A part of the exhaust system is kept busy in running your vehicle quietly, and if you get to hear  a lot of engine noise all of a sudden then the problem is likely somewhere in exhaust. Look for an expert technician or a garage nearby to get these issues with your vehicle fixed.

Keep in consideration these factors listed above and also ensure checking whether there is any kind of drop in fuel efficiency or your vehicle is producing any kind of colored smokes. For your Aston Martin exhaust, it is imperative for you to keep up the condition of your vehicle at its best. Schedule regular and timely visits to the garage so as to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Engine Performance Tuning And The Benefits Attached To It

Are you a driving enthusiast? Do you crave for a vehicle that has exceptional power, handling, and precision? A lot of people wish so, but rare ones can actually experience the feeling. In order feel the real driving experience, it is better to consider scheduling performance tuning from a reliable garage that offers credible and up to the mark car maintenance services.

high performance exhaust systems

Along with the high-quality car exhaust performance tuning & parts, the car repair professionals ensure providing you with a range of incredible performance upgrades not only for your car engine but also for its suspension and steering etc. Here are some benefits listed for your knowledge that are attached to the car performance tuning:

  • Ensure proper maintenance: The procedure of performance tuning ensures that the components and the parts of your vehicle are properly maintained. During this, your technician will check with everything to make sure that the brakes, exhaust, steering, wheels and other parts are ready for all sorts of driving adventures.
  • Replace worn parts: Removing and replacing the parts of your engine that are not in proper working conditions. For instance air filters and spark plugs etc. once these essential components have been replaced, it’s the time your vehicle is ready to roll for all upcoming adventures.
  • Improve overall efficiency: The car exhaust performance tuning not only improves the horsepower and performance but also improves the overall efficiency of your vehicle. When you are seeking out for the best performance in terms of power and efficiency from your car, the expert engine performance tuning is the right and the best option for your needs.

For a better driving thrill, get the latest performance upgrades and you will be ready to tackle the road or the track. Hire expert and reliable services by the car repair professionals at Paramount Performance to make the most out of your vehicle.

Transform Your Car With These Street Legal Ways

A lot of people in this world love keeping their cars stock standard while there are some who loves to stamp their personality onto their car. But the real advantage of having an attitude of maintaining your car at its own standard is that at the time of resale you’d probably get more value out of your car. For car lovers, there are a lot of customization options available that can be used for adding personalization to your car giving it an appealing and aggressive look.

Performance Exhaust Supplier

But, there is an exception to this phrase that says, not all the modifications are legal, some of them are downright dangerous. These dangerous mods can leave you in some legal trouble especially in the countries like United Kingdom. But, before you know about all sorts of mods that can be helpful for you and your car, stick to the options that are safe enough. And if your car is under factory warranty, consider checking with your dealer before you mess with your vehicle’s overall look including the engine or suspension. Do not get your car tuning at any random garage when it is under the warranty period because it can make the warranty null and void and you would not be able to avail any sort of free service or repairs after all this.

Viezu V-Box for Economy Tuning

Let’s have a look at these safe suggestions below:

  • Aero kits: Aerodynamics plays a vital role in the looks and appearance of an automobile especially when it comes to how a car handles, feels, and performs. Therefore, the car aero kits are popular enough among the car enthusiasts. It can help transform the look of your vehicle and make it look like a sleek and stealthy dragster. These changes might also lead to some improvements in the key performance areas like top speed, cornering speed and handling.
  • Performance exhaust: This addition is beneficial for your vehicle in two major ways. First, it increases or boosts the performance of your car because the performance exhaust systems eliminate the restrictive bends that are commonly found in stock exhaust systems. And secondly, they improve the exhaust flow that in return results in increased kilowatts and torque.
  • Turbocharger or supercharger: Also known as forced induction systems, the turbochargers or superchargers compress the air flowing into the engine to provide more power. Some of these systems can boost a car’s horsepower by as much as 50% or more which further means that these turbochargers or superchargers can transform a super mild car into a super wild one in an instant.

So here you have it! Make a wise use of the information given above and always consider checking to the local traffic authorities on the legality of mods especially the ones that can cause your vehicle to exceed the maximum noise levels.

How An Exhaust System Affects The Car Performance?

The exhaust system of a vehicle is far more than just a metal pipe and it is one of the major factors in your vehicle’s performance. Therefore it is necessary to keep it in proper working order as it can do a lot for your vehicle and for the environment as well.

What does an exhaust system do?

When your vehicle’s fuel and air burn inside the combustion chamber the harmful fumes are emitted as the part of its normal operation. And to keep it safe the stainless steel performance exhaust carries those fumes away from the vehicle. There is a lot more in an exhaust other than the tailpipe that is visible from outside. Any failures in maintaining this vital component of your car can negatively impact the performance of your car. A performance exhaust system of a vehicle comprises of the following things:

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraLP-550-560-570 exhaust systems and tuning from paramount

  • Exhaust manifold- This is attached to the cylinder head taking each cylinder’s exhaust and combines into a single pipe.
  • Oxygen sensor- A modern vehicle will have an oxygen sensor to measure the amount of oxygen that is inside the exhaust allowing the vehicle’s computer to add or subtract fuel to identify the correct mixture for maximum gas mileage.
  • Catalytic converter- It converts the harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapours and carbon dioxide. It reduces the harmful nitrogen oxides and is mounted between your muffler and the exhaust manifold.
  • Muffler- It quiets the exhaust to acceptable noise levels and absorbs sound energy.
  • Exhaust pipe- This carries the gas out of through the tailpipe and is typically made of stainless steel. The newer models on the other hand, have aluminized steel for corrosion resistance.

All these parts of a stainless steel performance exhaust play a critical role inside your vehicle, ensuring its safe and reliable performance. Constantly get your exhaust system checked by the reliable garages so as to reduce the noise and your car’s dangerous emissions.

What Should You Know About Lamborghini Exhaust Systems?

Even today, Lamborghini tops the list of the luxurious cars and it has always been among the top-rated cars and moreover, it is still a dream car for a large number of people. This luxurious car model Gallardo is defined by its use of classic sports car technology- an exceptionally powerful engine combined with rare-wheel drive adopting a specifically developed ESP system.

Mclaren Mercedes SLR

Most of the exotic supercars sound nice but Lamborghini Gallardo is simply awesome. If you own this car, it is necessary for you to maintain its exhaust system in a top condition. The different models of this car have different technical specifications and performance needs. The exhaust system is designed as per the specific model and, therefore, Lamborghini Gallardo’s Performance exhaust system is designed specifically to enhance the speed and performance level.

What are the parts of an exhaust?

Exhaust manifold/ header: This is the first point of contact for the exhaust gases after they exit the cylinder head. The idea of upgrading to an exhaust header comes down to increasing the exhaust piping diameter and scavenging by aligning the exhaust pulses in a favourable fashion.

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraLP-550-560-570 exhaust systems and tuning from paramount

Catalytic converter: This device allows you to still breathe the air while you’re driving in extremely adverse conditions. It intakes incoming NOx, CO and unburnt hydrocarbons from the exhaust and converts it into much less harmful N2, O2, CO2 and H2O.

Piping: It is not an ideal tactic to have exhaust gas pump directly beneath your car, filling your cabins with fumes. You’ll need some pipes to route the air elsewhere.

Resonator: This is not a necessary part of an exhaust but it is many times included as it helps to eliminate noise. Resonators are typically tuned to a specific frequency in which the engine noise is loud or undesirable.

Muffler: The main aim of Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust muffler is to eliminate the noise. The most common ways they work is by redirecting the airflow. Along the way, the exhaust passes through porous pipes which allow the exhaust gases to expand into the sound deadening material, minimizing the noise that finally exits the tailpipe.

Exhaust System To Boost The Efficiency of the Car

Buying an expensive car like Aston Martin or Lamborghini or Ferrari or Porsche is not everyone’s cup of coffee, but still there are lots of these car owners who despite of being high price for these cars are not able to enjoy the actual power hidden in these cars. This however doesn’t mean that the components used for developing these cars aren’t of high quality and the manufacturers cheated car owners by charging costs for developing these cars. Actually, this is mainly because of driving restrictions prevailing in different countries due to which the car makers have to follow those manufacturing parameters while developing the particular car for specific region.

Aston martin vanquish performance exhaust

This sometimes is painful for the car owners who do not want to make any compromise in price for enjoying the full potential of their car. Interestingly, today there are various modification methods which could help them in getting rid of their problem without putting an additional financial burden on their pockets. So, now the question arises that what are the components working on which could help in improving the performance of these expensive cars or any other car equally across the world?

high performance exhaust systems

In this regard the first important component to consider is the exhaust system of a car which mainly looks after the exhausting of hazardous gases from the car with the help of strong tubes used for the purpose. These tubes are developed from a thin sheet of steel which gets damaged after specified period of time. To make the smooth flow of gases to enhance the power and performance of the engine it is better to get the existing exhaust system of your car replaced with high performance car exhaust system.

jaguar mk2 exhaust system with manifolds

Now this might surprise you that what is high performance car exhaust system and does it perform extraordinarily than the regular exhaust system? So, an answer to this question in simple words is that this system also exhausts the gases in the same way as standard company fitted exhaust system the only difference is in their make. The high performance system for exhausting gases is developed by making use aluminized steel or high quality stainless steel and last for longer time as compared to their standard time.

Interestingly, now days there are lots of renowned suppliers of performance exhaust system that offer wide range of such exhaust systems, including hand-made exhaust manifolds, headers, systems and mufflers to tailor the requirement of antique cars to modern cars depending upon their requirements.

Some of the commonly used high performance exhaust systems are:

  1. Cylinder head and exhaust manifold: The cylinder head is generally placed on top of the cylinders and affects the performance of engine by fixing the compression and volumetric efficiency ratio of the engine. Whereas the exhaust manifold is developed from steel units mainly involved in the business of collecting gases from different cylinders and moving them through the exhaust pipe. A turbocharger that deals mainly with increasing the density of air that enters the engine, thus improving the power ratio that engine can provide.
  2. Muffler: The main objective of muffler is to minimize the sound levels that develop during the exhaust of gases inside the pipe.
  3. Catalytic converter: This is mainly used for minimizing the level of air pollution and reducing the emission level of gases that is transmitted through the engine.

The main objective of high performance car exhaust system is improving the exhausting efficiency of the car, depending upon its make and mechanism.