Some Economical Modifications to Enhance the Performance of Range Rover

Although driving the luxurious SUV like Range Rover is the dream of almost every car enthusiast, but not every one of them is fortunate to enjoy the drive of this SUV, which is a synonym of power, performance and comfort offered in one unit. Interestingly, going through the concern of such car lover, the service of range rover tuning is offered by some renowned car technicians across the world.

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The worth mentioning feature of the tuning service offered by these technicians is that apart from remapping the engine control unit for extending and enhancing the life and performance of the used to Range Rover SUV’s, they also offer wide range of Range Rover Performance parts that are helpful in boosting the performance of these vehicles at cost effective charges. It would not be wrong to say that installing these high performance upgrading parts are helpful to boost the performance of the existing engine control unit to a such extent, that it is enough for the normal driver to enjoy the pleasure of a giant SUV within his budget.

Some of the high performing parts and the benefits enjoyed by installing them  are referred below:

Carbon Fibre Wheels and Carbon Fibre Wing Mirrors: Installing the carbon fibre wheels, helps in minimizing the net weight of the vehicle, thus, putting the less pressure on vehicle, while driving it at the high speed. Similarly, installing the carbon fibre wing mirrors are helpful in enhancing the aesthetics of side profile and also reducing the weight of the vehicle to a certain extent. It can be said that installing both these parts are helpful in reducing not only the weight of the vehicle, but at the same time also help in exploring their looks.

Exhaust system: Installing the aftermarket exhaust system helps in exhaling the hazardous gases in a more instant way, than the existing system. This is mainly because of the high quality material used for developing them. The smooth exhaling of gases indirectly helps in boosting the life of the engine, thus offering improved performance both in the terms of power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency.

Supercharger pulley: The role of supercharger pulley is to rotate the supercharger, thus compressing the air in combustion chambers in the cylinder. Thus, replacing the existing pulley with the new one is helpful in instant compression of air to the cylinders, resulting in the improved performance of an engine.

Besides, the above mentioned components upgrading the existing suspension system, ignition system, air intake system, braking system, etc, are helpful in improving the performance of the Range Rover vehicles in cost effective ways.

Upgrading and modification options available for Jaguar F Type and Land Rover Defender

Despite of the fact that Jaguar F Type sports car and SUV Land Rover Defender from the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover are the best illustratious vehicles of their segment, still there are lots of their owners who are not satisfied with their appearance and performance. In other words, it can be said, they are always in search of such options which are helpful in enhancing both these aspects of these vehicles. If you also own any of these vehicles and willing modify them according to your desire, then there are lots of technicians and experts like Paramount Performance who could assist you in enhancing their aesthetics and performance , keeping your preference in concern.


Some of the common modifications associated with these vehicles are referred below:

Ceramic coating: You will agree that most fascinating feature of a sports car or a SUV is their exterior color which grabs the attention of the commuters at the first instance. Although, keeping this fact in concern, the automakers launch such vehicles with eye catching color paint, but, as the time passes, there is a decline in its shine. Going through this problem of the owners the expert technicians offer the service of Ceramic coating that is helpful in retaining its actual color for the long time. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say, that if you are willing to buy any of the used trim of these vehicles, then, applying the ceramic coating will be the first step of your Land Rover Defender Restoration project, that would be applied by your technician.

Exhaust system: An interesting feature of the sports car, apart from its looks and design, its roaring sound, that it generates while flying on the road. And, therefore, if you own a luxurious sports car Jaguar F Type, and willing to make it sound like a fighter than replacing its existing exhaust system with an aftermarket system is the best option to satisfy your demand. It would not be wrong to say that upgrading the F Type Exhaust is the simplest modification that along with enhancing the sound and appearance of your sports car will also help in enhancing its performance to a huge extent.


Interior: The restoration program for Land Rover Defender will comprise of upgrading the interior with new upholstery, door cards, carpet, dashboard, sunroof, sound proofing, seats, roof lining and many more.

Apart from these above mentioned options, there is a plethora of upgrading modifications both mechanical and aesthetical that are helpful in enhancing the driving experience of these vehicles at an affordable investment.


ECU Remap Training: Why it is mandatory for both existing and prospective car technicians?

In recent times the practice of engine control unit remapping or ECU remapping has gained huge popularity among the motorists across the world, due to a plethora of benefits offered by it. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that the concept has proved to be a fruitful deal for both the car owners and car technicians. Where the car owners enjoy substantial improvement in the declining performance of their vehicle, on the other side, technicians offering this service also enjoy substantial growth in their income. Because, remapping the engine control unit, makes them efficient for providing a robust solution to the problems of their clients.

Moving ahead, it also helps the technicians in establishing their identity as an expert technician offering the service of ECU remapping. Going through these benefits, the existing and the prospective technicians are keen to undergo the ECU Remap Training, which is helpful in enhancing their knowledge. Well, now the questions which arises is that why there is a need of undergoing the training of ecu remapping for the technicians, before stepping in this profession.

viezu-academy_laptop (1)Interestingly, an answer to this question in simple question is to get familiar with the car mechanism installed in the cars of today’s era. The cars manufactured in current scenario are controlled through the engine control unit, which has a software program installed in it, to control the functionality of components like engine, exhaust system, air-intake system, braking system, etc. In other words, it can be also said, that the integration of the engine control unit has minimized the necessity of determining the settings of the engine for improving the performance of the car.

The engine control unit has an inbuilt software that controls the functionality of the different components as referred above. As the whole is computerized there is a necessity of the technician who is capable of using the appropriate software determined for the remapping. This has resulted in the need of a computer savvy technician, going through this requirement, the technicians are undergoing this training before stepping in this profession.

An interesting factor which needs to be mentioned here more importantly is that, today there are lots of renowned technical institutes like Viezu Technical Academy, that are organizing different training programs varying from three day to five day training program for the students willing to explore their knowledge of engine control unit remapping.

Alientech Training

In simple words it can be said, that like other professional trainings, ECU remapping training is an essential training for the car technicians, that gets them acquainted with the knowledge of engine control unit and remapping it.

Key things to know for your car exhaust

The exhaust system of a car plays a vital role in the entire performance of the vehicle and it is one such factor that a lot of people do not even give it a credit for. You might not have realized it ever, but the exhaust system has to do everything with your vehicle, even it plays a important role in determining how fuel efficient your vehicle is. Not only it is important for your safety but is also very much helpful in protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

Exhaust’s role is to carry out the emissions away from the combustion chamber wherein air and fuel are burned creating gases. There are though various parts to the car system and if any one of them fails, your car can be very much dangerous to you, the environment and of course your wallet. Therefore it is imperative for you to consider the proper working of various parts other than Aston Martin exhaust, such as catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, muffler, exhaust pipe and the oxygen sensor etc.

Aston Martin Tuning Exhaust Viezu

Bad vibrations- A sudden vibration in a vehicle indicates an issue with its exhaust system. These issues can be a leakage if gas pedal and/or steering wheel is shaking, but if in case the leakage is big enough the entire car might shudder. This is the indication of severe risk adjoined to your car that can further impact the ability to steer and control your vehicle’s safety.

 Loud noises- Whenever you hear sounds like knocking, clunking, wheezing or whispering coming out of your car, this might be some sort of indication you being in trouble. A part of the exhaust system is kept busy in running your vehicle quietly, and if you get to hear  a lot of engine noise all of a sudden then the problem is likely somewhere in exhaust. Look for an expert technician or a garage nearby to get these issues with your vehicle fixed.

Keep in consideration these factors listed above and also ensure checking whether there is any kind of drop in fuel efficiency or your vehicle is producing any kind of colored smokes. For your Aston Martin exhaust, it is imperative for you to keep up the condition of your vehicle at its best. Schedule regular and timely visits to the garage so as to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Car Tuning Training for Technicians to Retain their Position in the Market

Undoubtedly you may be an experienced car technician running personal car servicing and repairing centre from the last few years in your locality. But, now suddenly there is a decline in your client base which is a surprising factor for you to believe. Because with changing time you have been regularly upgrading your service centre with new tools and equipments that are helpful in servicing different vehicles in lesser time. And the most surprising factor which disturbs you is that the new servicing centres are snatching your clients and enjoying huge profits.

Viezu Classroom Training

After deep research, the reason you find responsible behind your sudden failure is lack of knowledge about the latest car servicing techniques. At first instance this might be unbelievable for you as you had been in the business from many years. But when you try to intensively point the reason of your failure you will realize that the technicians are today’s generation are acquainted with the knowledge of car tuning which in recent years has emerged as one of the highly required services by the car owners visiting any car service centre.

Car tuning in the simple words may be defined as the process of rewriting the program installed in the software of engine control unit. With changing time the servicing of car has undergone vast changes and the whole mechanism of car is controlled through computers. As there decline in the performance of the car due to regular wear and tear it starts consuming more fuel and generate less power which adversely impacts the pocket of car owners. The expert technicians by making use of necessary software rewrite the program that is helpful in improving the fuel efficiency and power generation ability of the vehicle according to required norms.

To understand the process of rewriting the program of engine control unit they have to undergo necessary training which is referred as car tuning training. During the training these technicians are taught the appropriate methods of using the software and saving the new settings. The training session is organized separately for both gasoline and diesel engines. Interestingly today with regular hike in the prices of fuel across the world car there is huge demand for the technicians having the knowledge of tuning the engine control unit of the car.

Going through the increasing craze of car technicians and its relevance for car owners lots of technical institutes like Viezu Technical Academy are initiating different types of car tuning training courses that are depending upon the interest of students. As general practice 3 day and five day courses are mainly offered by the institutes the students willing to expertise in tuning of specific engine configuration is required to undergo 3 day training course determined for that particular engine. Whereas the students willing to explore their knowledge in tuning the both types of engine configuration have to undergo five day tuning course.

During the course the students are not only the methods of tuning the car engine but also given the cars for tuning their engine according to the knowledge gained by them. Doing this is helpuful in making them aware about the problems which they might face during their professional life.

I am sure after understanding the relevance of car tuning training course you will also take out time to get yourself versed with the process of tuning to retain your position in the market.

Car Tuning Course: Widening the Job Options for Young Graduates

Tuning the engine of car for improved performance has gained huge popularity among the car owners across the world. An interesting feature of car tuning is that it is being adopted by the owners of both old and new cars, where the owners of old car are willing to enjoy the improved performance and enhanced fuel efficiency, the owners of new cars are willing to enjoy the hidden power of their car.

Viezu Classroom Training

The cars launched across the world every year are not offered with their actual parameters but with the parameters based upon the driving conditions prevailing in different countries of the world. Therefore to enjoy those hidden powers it is imperative the engine installed in the car should be tuned to deliver its original performance.

In simple words, car tuning can be defined as the method of modifying certain parameters of the cars which are helpful in enhancing the performance of the vehicle as a whole. To carry out the whole process smoothly and correctly it is indispensable that the whole process is get done by expert mechanic, because little mistake is quite enough to damage the whole mechanism of the car. Going through this necessity it is imperative for the technicians opting car repairing as the source of their earning to undergo the car tuning training being initiated by various technical institutes across the world.

The relevance of this training course is that it not only acquaints the aspirants thoroughly understand the concepts of tuning the car but also to enjoy successful career in car repairing and modifying. An interesting feature of training course initiated for car tuning is that if any of the students is not able to attend the classroom tutorials and practical classes due to any reason may be he is from another continent or not able to come into the class due to other important engagements then he can undergo this training through online classes organized through video calling, skype etc.

Now the question arises that what types of car tuning courses and training offered by the technical institutes. Well an answer to this question can be given as below:

  1. 3 day combined diesel and gasoline course: Under this course the students are taught the methods of remapping the engine control unit of both types of diesel and petrol engines. During course the students are not only taught the method of modifying the software configured in the engine control unit of the car but also the method of using different tools like dyno etc to test the results of tuning while driving the vehicle under natural conditions.
  2. 5 days advanced tuning course: As the name suggests this course can be regarded as an upgraded version of the above mentioned 3 day combined course. Under this course the students are given the practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.

Simply it can be said that in today’s era when young graduates are struggling to find suitable job for them, undergoing such courses could be quite useful and helpful for them to earn substantial money for enjoying a healthy life.

Tuning the TDi engine can turn your roaring car into soft and smooth car

There is myth among most of the people that despite of being fuel efficient diesel cars have not been so popular among the buyers due to their roaring side. Well, this is true to certain extent but it was the scenario few years back, because since the luxurious car makers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and others started developing the diesel cars empowered TDi engine there is dynamic shift towards belief of people among these cars. Moreover along with integration of new features and fuel efficient performance now days most of car owners prefer to buy diesel cars despite of petrol car. However as the time passes there is decline in their performance in terms of both power generation and fuel efficiency figures, which of-course is a natural process. But, then there are various methods which are helpful in regain or improve the performance of these cars, similarly as the owners of petrol cars adopt for enhancing the performance of their old car.

Well you will agree that in recent years car tuning or car remapping has gained huge popularity across the world because of incredible benefits offered by it, interesting tuning the TDi engines is not an exception to it. Today you can various expert technicians offering the service of TDi tuning to the owners of diesel cars struggling with the problem of decline in the performance of their beloved car.

The process of tuning the TDi engine can be accomplished either tuning the chip installed in the engine control unit of the car or by updating the tuning box of the car. Editing the settings of any of these components is helpful in enhancing the fuel economy of the car. In case if you are replacing the tuning box of the car it would be better to configure it closed to the bonnet of the car so that it becomes easier for it to receive instructions receive through sensors from the engine control unit of car and perform accordingly.

There are lots of people who think that replacing the existing tuning box is expensive and do not affect the performance of car and also it is a complex process. Surprisingly upgrading the tuning box is not only cost effective, and easy to install but in case if you are not satisfied from the upgraded tuning box then it can easily replaced with the new one or existing box without any discomfort.

Apart from tuning the chip, upgrading tuning box, there are various methods like upgrading the air intake system, exhaust system, fuel filters etc which are helpful in enhancing the performance of TDi engine to huge extent.

Why Use A Performance Exhaust System?

Looking to upgrade to a performance exhaust system on your supercar? You came to the right place as we have for you the best options that will benefit you in many ways. This upgrade will improve the performance of your engine and will further help your car perform better. The major benefits of having a performance exhaust are listed below and these are the only core reasons that explain in detail about the need for such a system in a supercar. Let’s have a look:

Audi ECU Remap

  • Increased horsepower and torque: The performance-boosting exhaust systems are designed to dispel the exhaust gases much efficiently allowing better breathing to the engine and hence producing more and more power.
  • Improved fuel economy: Another major benefit of having better exhaust system is that it enhances the engine’s overall performance by maximising the exit of exhaust gases from the cylinders. This improvement leads to increased fuel efficiency.
  • Louder and deeper growl: Such exhaust systems remove sound absorbing materials that later improves the efficiency and let your supercar engine growl like it never has before.

In other words, the benefit of opting for a performance exhaust upgrade is that it further increases and improves the overall fuel mileage. It can be installed on just about any vehicle and service providers in the UK like Paramount Performance let you choose from a large variety of mufflers that are on hand as well as a variety of stainless steel tips. You can choose either from aluminized piping as well as stainless steel exhaust for your beloved car.

The expert technicians make sure that everything is well welded double-checked for leaks and comes with a warranty of parts or services for a certain period of time. Last but not the least, the exhaust systems, when driven gently will give you a horsepower/torque gain from the motor itself improving the performance of every car.

How to Identify that Your Volkswagen Car Needs Chip Tuning?

Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Tiguan etc are not only the names of cars manufactured by the German car maker Volkswagen but these are cars which are best illustrations of power and performance merged in one unit. But as depreciation is the nature of every machine similarly car machinery is not an exception to it and there is decline in its working efficiency despite of how powerful it has been made by the maker.

Volkswagen Tuning

Interestingly as the performance of every machine is enhanced by undergoing its repairing and replacing the defective parts similarly performance of the car is also enhanced by simply tuning its chip and other machines responsible for its high performance. But the problem with most of the car owners is that they are not able to recognize the decline in the performance of their car and keep on paying high bills for its maintenance, whereas the fact is that as chip tuning is helpful in enhancing the performance of other cars similarly getting the chip tuning of your Volkswagen car can dynamically improve its performance according to your expectations.

Therefore despite of discussing the benefits and methods of chip tuning let us today point out the symptoms which indicate that your Volkswagen car also needs chip tuning, because being a layman it is difficult for the car owners to recognize those symptoms:

  1. Visiting fuel filling stations frequently: If despite of driving the car on same route you have to fill fuel quite instantly as compared to earlier then it is an indication that your car consuming more fuel and there is decline in its fuel efficiency. This problem might be due to poor fuel injectors, poor fuel filter and spark plugs etc.
  2. Decline in the performance of brakes: Brakes play an important role in retaining your control over your car, if you notice problem in applying brakes or they do not response quickly according to your actions then also it is an indication that your car needs chip tuning. T his problem might rise due to lack of brake oil or failing of brake pads.
  3. Irritating sounds coming from the car: If you notice some irritating sounds coming from your car it is better to get them checked quickly despite of ignoring them. Sounds of knocking or squealing clearly reveal that there is problem either with the engine or there is leakage from some parts of your car.
  4. Starting problems: If you notice problem in switching on your car then also it is an indication that you need to tune-up your car. This problem might take place due to failing intake valves, problem with fuel injection system, ignition problem, etc.

So next time if you notice any of the such problems in your car without wasting the time visit to your nearest car servicing centre and get the issue rectified .

Improve Performance of Audi Cars with Chip Tuning

Despite of the fact that Audi Cars are recognized for their power and performance there is still lots of potential hidden in them which is not recognized by the normal car drivers and known only the people having vast knowledge about car mechanism. Now this might make you feel cheated by your dealer for delivering the car which is not able to deliver its actual power and performance. Well, before you make any wrong assumption about your car dealer, let me make you clear that this problem is not only with your car but in all the cars that are manufactured by the Audi but in-fact by all the car manufacturers across the word.

Audi S5 Tuning, Audi S5 remap, Audi S5 Chip Tuning Viezu

Surprisingly, this is mainly because of the normal driving standards prevailing conditions throughout the world which restricts the car manufacturers to launch their car by restricting the power parameters below their actual efficiency. Going through this issue the car owners are not able to enjoy the original power and performance of their car. But now the question arises that how the actual power can be utilized by the owners of these cars?

Interestingly, an answer to this question is by tuning the chip of car and from that point Chip tuning of Audi cars are not an exception to it. It would be interested to know that chip tuning not only enhances the power and performance of the car but also do not affects guarantee and insurance of the car. Apart from this if you are not satisfied from the results achieved by the operation than you can return back to original settings of your car.

Audi ECU Remap

Chip tuning modifies the parameters of the engine control unit that is installed in the car. Modifying the parameters help in extracting the new parameters that are helpful in boosting the power and fuel efficiency of the car. Today the mechanism of the car is determined by the computer program that is installed in the engine control unit of the car, installing the new with newly determined parameters improves the power of the car.