Upgrading and modification options available for Jaguar F Type and Land Rover Defender

Despite of the fact that Jaguar F Type sports car and SUV Land Rover Defender from the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover are the best illustratious vehicles of their segment, still there are lots of their owners who are not satisfied with their appearance and performance. In other words, it can be said, they are always in search of such options which are helpful in enhancing both these aspects of these vehicles. If you also own any of these vehicles and willing modify them according to your desire, then there are lots of technicians and experts like Paramount Performance who could assist you in enhancing their aesthetics and performance , keeping your preference in concern.


Some of the common modifications associated with these vehicles are referred below:

Ceramic coating: You will agree that most fascinating feature of a sports car or a SUV is their exterior color which grabs the attention of the commuters at the first instance. Although, keeping this fact in concern, the automakers launch such vehicles with eye catching color paint, but, as the time passes, there is a decline in its shine. Going through this problem of the owners the expert technicians offer the service of Ceramic coating that is helpful in retaining its actual color for the long time. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say, that if you are willing to buy any of the used trim of these vehicles, then, applying the ceramic coating will be the first step of your Land Rover Defender Restoration project, that would be applied by your technician.

Exhaust system: An interesting feature of the sports car, apart from its looks and design, its roaring sound, that it generates while flying on the road. And, therefore, if you own a luxurious sports car Jaguar F Type, and willing to make it sound like a fighter than replacing its existing exhaust system with an aftermarket system is the best option to satisfy your demand. It would not be wrong to say that upgrading the F Type Exhaust is the simplest modification that along with enhancing the sound and appearance of your sports car will also help in enhancing its performance to a huge extent.


Interior: The restoration program for Land Rover Defender will comprise of upgrading the interior with new upholstery, door cards, carpet, dashboard, sunroof, sound proofing, seats, roof lining and many more.

Apart from these above mentioned options, there is a plethora of upgrading modifications both mechanical and aesthetical that are helpful in enhancing the driving experience of these vehicles at an affordable investment.

All You Need To Know About Supercharged And Turbocharged Engines

Are you preparing yourself to be well on the race track? If yes, then you should be well-aware with your engine and get it checked by an expert mechanic so as to ensure that your car matches the standards of vehicles under the high-performance category. The growling motors whizz around the tight turns and when it comes to discussing engines, there are two terms that tumble around the high-performing realm are- supercharged and turbocharged.

Forced induction

The turbochargers and superchargers are the two prominent types of forced induction systems. The term ‘forced induction’ refers to the way in which the air flowing into the engine is compressed upon entry.

Jaguar Xk 5.0 tuning and supercharger pulley package

What creates more power in the tiny explosions?

When the air takes up a less space in the motor, there is a room for more air to come in each cylinder and more fuel can further be added to the mixture. This is all that produces more power in each of the tiny explosions.

Superchargers charge from within- here’s how? The superchargers and its pulley make forced induction happen through a belt that is rigged up directly to the engine’s crankshaft. When the engine’s cycle starts, the belt in the engines activates or updates the supercharger pulley, that is connected to a drive gear triggering compressor gear. This speedy chain reaction achieves super packed engine air in an instant.

jaguar supercharger reconditioned

Turbocharged approach: The turbochargers do not exactly rely on any internal component to activate the elevated air compression within the car engine.

Turbocharger and Supercharger: Pros and cons

  • Efficiency: The turbochargers can boost both the speed and the efficiency of the engine, by using a by-product of the exhaust that would otherwise go unused. While superchargers, on the other hand, impact efficiency in the opposite way as they are entangled in the engine’s internal functions. The superchargers believe in engine’s power to boost its power which brings down overall efficiency.
  • Power delivery: When it comes to power delivery, superchargers take the game. The modified supercharger pulleys are known for their instantaneous power boost without the lag time, whereas the turbochargers require that lag time in order to provide a noticeable fit.

Tuning the TDi engine can turn your roaring car into soft and smooth car

There is myth among most of the people that despite of being fuel efficient diesel cars have not been so popular among the buyers due to their roaring side. Well, this is true to certain extent but it was the scenario few years back, because since the luxurious car makers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and others started developing the diesel cars empowered TDi engine there is dynamic shift towards belief of people among these cars. Moreover along with integration of new features and fuel efficient performance now days most of car owners prefer to buy diesel cars despite of petrol car. However as the time passes there is decline in their performance in terms of both power generation and fuel efficiency figures, which of-course is a natural process. But, then there are various methods which are helpful in regain or improve the performance of these cars, similarly as the owners of petrol cars adopt for enhancing the performance of their old car.

Well you will agree that in recent years car tuning or car remapping has gained huge popularity across the world because of incredible benefits offered by it, interesting tuning the TDi engines is not an exception to it. Today you can various expert technicians offering the service of TDi tuning to the owners of diesel cars struggling with the problem of decline in the performance of their beloved car.

The process of tuning the TDi engine can be accomplished either tuning the chip installed in the engine control unit of the car or by updating the tuning box of the car. Editing the settings of any of these components is helpful in enhancing the fuel economy of the car. In case if you are replacing the tuning box of the car it would be better to configure it closed to the bonnet of the car so that it becomes easier for it to receive instructions receive through sensors from the engine control unit of car and perform accordingly.

There are lots of people who think that replacing the existing tuning box is expensive and do not affect the performance of car and also it is a complex process. Surprisingly upgrading the tuning box is not only cost effective, and easy to install but in case if you are not satisfied from the upgraded tuning box then it can easily replaced with the new one or existing box without any discomfort.

Apart from tuning the chip, upgrading tuning box, there are various methods like upgrading the air intake system, exhaust system, fuel filters etc which are helpful in enhancing the performance of TDi engine to huge extent.

Which One To Choose- Turbochargers Or Superchargers?

Being an automobile savvy, you must have heard these two terms ‘turbochargers’ and ‘superchargers’ more frequently. Both of these chargers fall under the ‘forced induction’ umbrella. Knowing only this much about these two, rather it is necessary to know how actually does it work. In general, turbochargers and superchargers, both generate boost by compressing the air which flows into an engine. As a result of which the more fuel can be pumped into the cylinder, giving more power from every explosion in a cylinder.

The turbochargers works by using hot exhaust gases to spin the blades of the compressor mounted on the engine while superchargers or high performance supercharger pulley, on the other hand, works attaching to the main drive pulley, using the power of the vehicle’s engine to compress air.

Look at these few points to determine which charger to choose for your engine- turbocharger or supercharger.

Jagaur F Type Supercharger Pulley

  • Turbocharger installation is more difficult as the turbocharger needs to be integrated into the existing exhaust system, making it difficult to install after-market than the supercharger that basically bolts on the top of the engine. To install a turbocharger in the engine you have to re-route the exhaust system inside the engine bay so that the turbo can straddle the intake and exhaust system.
  • Turbochargers are more efficient because they are powered by vehicle’s exhaust gases essentially converting the wasted energy into the additional power. While superchargers on the other hand pull their power directly from the engine. The turbos are therefore perfectly suited for the smaller engines whereas superchargers are tend to be best suited with the larger engines. The superchargers can even hurt the performance of the engine at the lower RPM in case the supercharger boost can be gobbled up by the energy needed to drive the high-performance supercharger pulley.


Which one is more reliable among these two?

The answer to this question depends on the heat management and cost. As a general rule, superchargers manage heat better than most turbos. The internally oiled superchargers are practically bulletproof whereas the superchargers that use vehicle’s oil system for cooling are less reliable. The turbochargers have to manage more heat as compared to the superchargers. Thus, the aftermarket supercharger is typically more reliable as far as it is compared to the after-market turbocharger.

Key Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Supercharger Belt

The supercharger belt is and has always been one of the most critical parts for the efficient operation of the supercharged engine ensuring that the blower belt is in intact and in good shape. It is one of the crucial parts of the routine services that anyone should perform. It is nothing new and like any other mechanical device, the supercharger belt can even wear out, leading eventually to complete failure.


The breakdown of the blower belt while the vehicle is in operation will lead to minor problems like less engine performance or rich fuel situations to serious mechanical issues like cylinder head hardware failure to break down of connecting rods.

For your engine to perform better, ensure maintaining the high-performance supercharger pulley. Here are listed some key symptoms that’ll warn the owner of the supercharged engine about the problem with the supercharger belt. Let’s have a look at these symptoms:


  • Ticking sound coming from the motor: It is very much difficult to identify whether the belt is in better working condition or there is any need for it to be replaced that too without frequent visual inspection. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a note on the very subtle warning sign is caused by the frayed supercharger belt that is hitting the belt guard or another high performing supercharger pulleys that in return helps to power the supercharger. The sound then originated is similar to a knocking engine or a loose rocker arm and the volume will increase as the blower accelerates.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency: Some high-end power cars are powered by superchargers that use a supercharger belt to turn the rotors inside to produce higher air volume that can further be mixed with more fuel efficiency to produce more horsepower. When the belt becomes thin and breaks, the supercharger stops spinning, leading to the wastage of tremendous amount of fuel.

Supercharger Pulley: The Small Component With Huge Power

Despite of being small in size the supercharger pulley plays an important role in taking the tuning of your car completely to the high level. This might surprise to you, but there is plenty of power still hidden in your vehicle even after tuning and remapping and installing the new supercharger pulley can amazingly bring out that hidden power from your vehicle.


An interesting fact about pulley is that it doesn’t require any heavy modification or alteration in your vehicle and can be simply fitted by removing the existing pulley from its place or by heat shrinking. But, to enjoy the full potential of the upgraded pulley it is necessary to pay appropriate attention towards its maintenance.

Maintaining the supercharger pulley: To enjoy the flawless functioning of pulley it is important to look after its proper maintenance and get it serviced from time to time.

  1. Lubricating: The main objective of the pulley is to spin the supercharger and during this process the pulley creates huge friction, due to which they it starts slipping from its place. To stop this slipping it is necessary to lubricate the pulley properly at regular intervals, especially at the time of car servicing. Interestingly the pulley available now days on the market contains their personal oil system and do not require any type of lubrication from the engine.


  1. Heat: It is a universal truth that every machine depreciates due to regular wear and tear and interestingly supercharger pulley is not an exception to it. Due to excess of heat there are chances that the pulley might break, it would therefore be better to install pulley that is heat resistant and capable of bearing high temperature for during drive without doing any damage to the vehicle.
  2. Alignment: Although pulley is fitted by simply replacing the existing pulley but to enjoy its full potential it should aligned properly. The pulley fitted forcefully or misaligned will affect the overall performance of your vehicle in the form of fuel efficiency performance and leakage of oil. To get rid of these problems it is better to get it inspected by an expert mechanic at regular times or at the time of service.


Types of Supercharger Pulley: There are mainly two types of upgrading pulleys found in market one with larger engine crank and another with small engine crank. But, their size doesn’t affect their functioning and both of them help in a fast spinning of the supercharger, compressing the air or fuel mixture and finally the last generating more power.