What Is The Worth Of Remapping A Car?

Most of you must know that the power and fuel economy of your car can be boosted in a short span of time simply by altering the settings on the engine control unit. This process is termed as ‘remapping’.

Everything has its own pros and cons and it is necessary to consider a few things in advance before purchasing a remap for your beloved car. On the other side, remapping is all the rage among the petrol heads. The ECU remap is worthwhile because of the following stated reasons:


  • Car control: ECU is an abbreviation for the term engine control unit. It is basically a computer that has all the controlling powers that help and restricts a car engine in its working. The default settings aren’t going to work everywhere; the manufacturers have to adjust the settings depending on the climate conditions, fuel qualities and the laws while programming the software.
  • Speed and power: The successful results of remapping are the immediate improvements in the speed and power of your car. Many times the technicians or the remappers even claim an increase in the horsepower and in the torque up to a great extent.
  • Lifetime warranty: Damage can happen anytime and anywhere, but damage to an engine is very rare. Therefore it is necessary to always consider getting services from a reputable firm to carry out the remapping process and prefer hiring services of a firm that offers a lifetime warranty on the software used for the engine control unit.
  • Enhanced performance: Remapping or the rolling road tuning helps a vehicle to perform better. Remapping helps in making most out of your car by overwriting the ECU’s default settings with new software which can be programmed in such a manner that it enhances the overall performance of the car.

Remapping is fundamentally changing your car without actually changing it. In simple words, remapping is termed as modifications as it brings some alterations to your car that isn’t visible though. Always look for credible service providers to get your car remapped.