All You Need To Know About Supercharged And Turbocharged Engines

Are you preparing yourself to be well on the race track? If yes, then you should be well-aware with your engine and get it checked by an expert mechanic so as to ensure that your car matches the standards of vehicles under the high-performance category. The growling motors whizz around the tight turns and when it comes to discussing engines, there are two terms that tumble around the high-performing realm are- supercharged and turbocharged.

Forced induction

The turbochargers and superchargers are the two prominent types of forced induction systems. The term ‘forced induction’ refers to the way in which the air flowing into the engine is compressed upon entry.

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What creates more power in the tiny explosions?

When the air takes up a less space in the motor, there is a room for more air to come in each cylinder and more fuel can further be added to the mixture. This is all that produces more power in each of the tiny explosions.

Superchargers charge from within- here’s how? The superchargers and its pulley make forced induction happen through a belt that is rigged up directly to the engine’s crankshaft. When the engine’s cycle starts, the belt in the engines activates or updates the supercharger pulley, that is connected to a drive gear triggering compressor gear. This speedy chain reaction achieves super packed engine air in an instant.

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Turbocharged approach: The turbochargers do not exactly rely on any internal component to activate the elevated air compression within the car engine.

Turbocharger and Supercharger: Pros and cons

  • Efficiency: The turbochargers can boost both the speed and the efficiency of the engine, by using a by-product of the exhaust that would otherwise go unused. While superchargers, on the other hand, impact efficiency in the opposite way as they are entangled in the engine’s internal functions. The superchargers believe in engine’s power to boost its power which brings down overall efficiency.
  • Power delivery: When it comes to power delivery, superchargers take the game. The modified supercharger pulleys are known for their instantaneous power boost without the lag time, whereas the turbochargers require that lag time in order to provide a noticeable fit.