How An Exhaust System Affects The Car Performance?

The exhaust system of a vehicle is far more than just a metal pipe and it is one of the major factors in your vehicle’s performance. Therefore it is necessary to keep it in proper working order as it can do a lot for your vehicle and for the environment as well.

What does an exhaust system do?

When your vehicle’s fuel and air burn inside the combustion chamber the harmful fumes are emitted as the part of its normal operation. And to keep it safe the stainless steel performance exhaust carries those fumes away from the vehicle. There is a lot more in an exhaust other than the tailpipe that is visible from outside. Any failures in maintaining this vital component of your car can negatively impact the performance of your car. A performance exhaust system of a vehicle comprises of the following things:

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraLP-550-560-570 exhaust systems and tuning from paramount

  • Exhaust manifold- This is attached to the cylinder head taking each cylinder’s exhaust and combines into a single pipe.
  • Oxygen sensor- A modern vehicle will have an oxygen sensor to measure the amount of oxygen that is inside the exhaust allowing the vehicle’s computer to add or subtract fuel to identify the correct mixture for maximum gas mileage.
  • Catalytic converter- It converts the harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapours and carbon dioxide. It reduces the harmful nitrogen oxides and is mounted between your muffler and the exhaust manifold.
  • Muffler- It quiets the exhaust to acceptable noise levels and absorbs sound energy.
  • Exhaust pipe- This carries the gas out of through the tailpipe and is typically made of stainless steel. The newer models on the other hand, have aluminized steel for corrosion resistance.

All these parts of a stainless steel performance exhaust play a critical role inside your vehicle, ensuring its safe and reliable performance. Constantly get your exhaust system checked by the reliable garages so as to reduce the noise and your car’s dangerous emissions.